Westworld: The detail that proves that William is the man in black! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 18 November, 2016

While the episode 7 of Westworld confirmed a widespread theory that linking man in black and William could also be true, thanks to a new very important detail!

westworld-hbo-episode-8-bernard-hote-secretsIf Westworld, the new flagship series of HBO, is so successful, thanks to its incredible universe that mixes two worlds: the future and the Wild West. But fans especially appreciate the enormous dose of mystery and secrets we have delivered the first episodes of the series, that make many assumptions and debate. So in episode 7 of Westworld, one of the biggest fan theories proved right , when it was learned that the character of Bernard was actually a host obeying the wishes of Dr. Ford. But there is another theory, more popular, and it concerns two characters: William and the famous man in black . According to rumor, they might form one and the same person . The story of Logan and William would actually told in the past, and it would become an icy man in search of answers. If there is no evidence yet that theory, it would seem a small detail can, without confirmation, giving it more thick …
To this we must turn to episode 5 of Westworld, and the famous discussion between Fort and the man in black. We remember that when the man in black threatened Ford, Teddy grabbed his knife and stabs the table violently. This knife is also seen quite often because the man in black love to use it to cut grooves or scalping heads for example. Well imagine that you find the same knife in other scenes of the series, but in the hands of another character . And yes, it’s William who has it, as shown in the photo above. Some thought at first a mere coincidence, but we learned something watching this series nothing is accidental. So yes the doubt is still possible, but we are convinced of the link between the two men! And speaking of theory, there is one that attracts: Arnold, co-creator of Westworld park, we might well have already met . Do you think William is the man in black?