What became of the actors who burst in The Walking Dead?

Cinema 20 April, 2017

Has the Pole Emploi done its taf?
“It’s not an end in itself, but the beginning of a new adventure . ” It’s usually the floppy that your boss drops you when he wants to get rid of you. For the blow, the sentence has more sense with regard to the actors of a blockbuster series like “The Walking Dead” , which were able to capitalize on its popularity to reclaim elsewhere . Let us see, moreover, where all those who have clamored are. (Attention Spoilers)
Sophia (Madison Lintz)
While everyone was looking for her, Carol’s daughter was found by chance during the second season in the Hershel farm. Unfortunately, in zombie mode … Actress Madison Lintz got behind a recurring role in the Amazon series “Bosch”. It was also seen in an episode of the series “Nashville” and the film “The Shock of the Generations” with Billy Cristal.
Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn)
Long before he died in Season 2, Jeffrey DeMunn’s trombine had already been seen in classics like “La Ligne Verte” and “Les Évadés”. After leaving TWD, he played the minor roles in other series, such as “Mob City” and “Divorce,” the new HBO show hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker.
Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal)
One of the revelations of the series, despite his early death. He will have had time to get Rick’s bitch and lead a rebellion against his former best friend, which will lead him to death at the end of season 2 . Since then, Jon Bernthal has not stopped working, including the leather jacket of the Punisher in the Daredevil series , and soon in his own spin-off. He also made a film in “Fury” , “Sicario” and “Mr. Wolf” .
Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies)
Ah bah, here she is the unfaithful woman. Sarah Wayne Callies, who died in the jail , has decided to find another one, since she has recently returned to her role as Sarah Tancredi in the comeback of “Prison Break” . In the meantime, he was given the lead role in the series “Colony”, alongside Josh Holloway (“Lost”) , but also a role in the cinema in (the forgettable) “Black Storm” .
Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker)
The rude Merle was shot by The Governor at the end of Season 3. Too bad, Daryl’s brother was almost starting to become nice. Well, chase the natural, it returns to triple gallop. Michael Rooker quickly regained a role of crevure to his measure, interpreting Yondu Udonta in “The Guardians of the Galaxy” . It will be of course of the part in the suite (exit this 26 of April), but also in “Avengers: Infinity War (Part 1)” .
Andrea Harrison (Laurie Holden)
Party too early. It was a bit of the feeling of fans of the series following the death of Andrea in the last episode of season 3. Since then, the pretty blonde has sail to other projects, like small roles in the series ” Chicago Fire “and” Major Crimes “, and in the movie, in the sequel to” Dumb and Dumber ” . But Laurie Holden is expected to return to the spotlights thanks to an important role to come in the series “The Americans” .
Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson)
Nobody has forgotten his rather dirty death at the hands of the Governor in season 4. Beheaded in the katana, Scott Wilson has since regained his mind and head, especially for the Netflix phenomenon series, “The OA”, where He embodies Prairie’s father .
The Governor (David Morrissey)
David Morrissey made virtually no pause, from the moment he was gossiped by Michonne in TWD, and that he played the role of General Tobias Sheperd in Extant season 2 . Amazing detail: he met in this same series, good old Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the new executioner of Rick and his crew . We also saw the actor in the series “The Missing” , and soon, it will be seen in “Britannia” , the new creation of Amazon.
Beth Greene (Emily Kinney)
Beth Greene – or rather Emily Kinney – quickly bounced back with several appearances in TV series ( “Masters of Sex” , “The Kinick” ” , ” Arrow ” …). Before appearing in the role of Tess Larson in the series “Conviction” . But it’s not all, Mademoiselle also pushes the song: she released two sounds, “Back on Love” and “Popsicles” last October.
Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman)
Fans of “The Wire” knew the colossus long before he was shagged by a zombie in Season 5 of TWD. After that, Chad L. Coleman also chains the small roles in series, such as “Arrow”, “Criminals” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” .
Noah (Tyler James Williams)
Miskin. It served as a feast for the prowlers because of that cowardly Nicolas, in an excruciating scene of season 5. Fortunately for him, Tyler James Williams, got away better in real life. Basic, we knew the minot thanks to ” Everybody hates Chris” . Today, it is the day of the spin-off of Criminal Minds (“Criminal Minds: Unity without Borders”) where it has roughly the same role as Penelope Garcia in the original version.
Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge)
Previously seen in “American Horror Story” and “Dirt” , Alexandra Breckenridge was thought to be part of an increasingly important role in TWD. Especially since between her and Rick, it was not bad. And then patatras, the miss and her kid developer were eaten by the zombies in the middle of season 6 . Since then, the actress has among other things taken the role of Sophie in the series “This is us” , currently broadcast on Canal.
Abraham (Michael Cudlitz)
Michael Cudltiz is one of the trenches shattered by Lucile in the now legendary opening episode of season 7. Given the short time span since that time, Michael Cudltiz has not yet many projects to get under his teeth , Except for a TV movie ( “The Trustee” ). The redhead prefers for the moment to profit from his notoriety to debate with the fans in conferences around the series.
Glenn (Steven Yeun)
The same goes for Glenn, the second victim of Negan. At the time, actor Steven Yeun was present in the AMC series from the very beginning . Hence a possible lack of feeling to come, as he revealed to GQ: “It was not that hard to say goodbye to my character. Well, I say that today, but maybe tomorrow I’m going to cry, thinking about it ” . We’ll soon see Maggie’s guy in “Okja” , a film produced by Netflix.
Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green)
The timing is perfect (a little too much for some). After his suicide in the final of season 7, Sonequa Martin-Green will fly directly to other skies, and more precisely to the event series “Star Trek: Discovery” . Launched in the fall of 2017 .