When you get dumped and your parents get involved … The trailer of My Poussin!

Cinema 14 April, 2017

Isabelle Nanty and Pierre-François Martin-Laval play parents determined to repair the broken heart of their son Thomas Solivérès in the trailer of Mon Poussin.
When you get dumped like a dung, it’s complicated, but if the parents get involved! Ok it does not have to be very nice for them to see us rotten in our room by chewing on the happiness of a past love, but still, we like to stay depressed in our room, persuaded that we will never again Happy of our life. This is in any case what Vincent aka My Poussin thinks that has just been thrown by Elina , a girl who has turned her mind and can not forget. Desperate to see him in this state, his parents will act and set up a cure to get it back in shape.
On the program of insults on his ex, slaps at each moment of weakness (when he recalls a tender moment) or even the combination of pain and name Elina. We admit, the parents played by Isabelle Nanty and Pierre-François Martin-Laval give themselves thoroughly , think to do well, but it is perhaps a hair too radical. We keep the ideas in mind, we never know what the future holds for us!