Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot in the middle of the battlefield on a new explosive image

Cinema 30 December, 2016

Wonder Woman fears nothing! The proof with this new explosive image of the film that has just been unveiled on which our heroine goes to the heart of danger!
Can not forget the sensational debut of Wonder Woman, standing shield and hair blowing in Batman v Superman ! It is so impressive that his arrival is also probably one of the best 2016 movie scenes , which is saying something. It is clear, one is under the spell of this super-heroine as beautiful as powerful interpreted by Gal Gadot . But in Batman v Superman , Wonder Woman already a few decades of experience regarding the fight against evil. Living with mortals since the beginning of the 20th century, she has come to the idea that, no, our real world is far from being a paradise. And this lesson we will learn to see in the film Wonder Woman , which takes place in the middle of the First World War. A context of unprecedented violence and massacres. Sure, it’s going to change her from Themyscira! This does not mean that our superhero will not be ready to take up arms in time, quite the contrary . And we still proof with this explosive new image of Wonder Woman that melty reveals today!
And she goes straight ahead, our Wonder Woman, despite the dangers that threaten her! Dressed in her superhero costume and holding her shield, she runs through a devastated landscape with greyish hues. It is far from the more contemplative atmosphere that characterized the recently unveiled photo Wonder Woman on which one could see Diana with Steve Trevor . This time, therefore, it is in the heart of the action, braving enemy fire in a war-ravaged decor . The image comes to us from Empire magazine, which also able to meet with the director of Wonder Woman , Patty Jenkins. She took the opportunity to explain why she chose the context of the First World War, evoking the contrast between the horror of the confrontation and the more peaceful world in which Diana grew up. She recounts: ” I wanted the public to understand the horrors that a war of this magnitude makes it possible and how this would be shocking for someone with a strong sense of honor and justice she realizes. not how this world can be absurdly black. “. Oh yes, she will actually fall from high! And, plunged into the heart of the conflict, she will have to open brutally. But it’s Wonder Woman , so we know she will lose nothing of his kindness and compassion. How do you find this image?