You do not necessarily know, but all these movies will soon be rebooted

Cinema 16 March, 2017

History stutters. The cinema, too.
This is not a bug in the matrix: according to “Hollywood Reporter” , the Warner wants to relaunch the dream machine / cash Matrix through new films. On the other hand, no one really knows how this return will materialize (reboot? Suite? Prequel? Spin-off?). The idea is above all to capitalize on a beautiful brand, still well identified among the general public . In the same vein, Hollywood is going to let us down a slew of reboot in the coming months, some of these projects may have escaped you. Here are a few.
Men in Black
The producers of the franchise have recognized actively working on not a film, but 3! A trilogy that will happen without Will Smith, but perhaps with a main character heroine according to the rumor . Woman in Black.
The Lion King / Aladdin
Obviously, it had to happen one day after “Beauty and the Beast” , “The Jungle Book” , “Evil” , “Cinderella” , Disney will adapt two of his classic live-action with “The King Lion “and” Aladdin ” . Jon Favreau will be in charge of the 1st named while Guy Ritchie will take care of “Aladdin” , of which a call to auditions was recently launched to find the actors. Kev Adams was not available or what?
Remember … last summer
Surfing on the wave of the slashers at the “Scream” , “Remember … last summer” has had its small effect on the young audience when it was released in 1997. And despite two rather flaky suites the last of which is out In 2006, Sony would be ready today to relaunch the franchise . The duo of directors Mike Flanagan / Jeff Howard, known for the horror film “Oculus” , is responsible for finding a coherent story around the original book of Loïs Duncan. Chills guaranteed.
New York 1997
Snake Plissken is back to break jaws. The anti-hero camped by Kurt Russell in this anticipatory movie where Manhattan became an open-air prison, could resume service in a reboot. Or a prequel “Planet of the Apes”, which would explain how New York sank in this way (and we would learn incidentally how Snake lost his left eye) . Produced by Fox, the film already has a screenplay written by Neal Cross, the creator of the series “Luther” . Note that another work of John Carpenter could know the joys of the reboot since a project with “The Adventures of Jack Burton in the claws of the Mandarin” is also under study.
Charlie and his funny ladies
After the failure of the second episode, “Les Anges rage” , there was really little hope to find Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore for a 3rd film under the direction of their beloved Charlie. And after the oven that was picked up the remake of the series in 2011, canceled after 8 episodes, there was even less hope of regaining any project around the license. And yet, Sony – still – would have decided to relaunch the machine with a new film, the realization of which was entrusted to the actress Elizabeth Banks . Wait & See.
An immortal story. Do not be surprised to find her soon on the big screen. The project was entrusted to director Chad Stahelski, who made a nice taff on “John Wick”, and who already holds his villain in the person of Dave Bautista (preview in “The Guardians of the Galaxy” ). The good man will resume the role and sword of Kurgan. On the other hand, it is not known which actor will replace Christophe Lambert in the title role and cross the iron with the former wrestler …
In the Chelou idea genre, this one is not bad at all: to replace the sublime Daryl Hannah, who gave way to Tom Hanks in this classic of 1984, choice was made to take … Channing Tatum. Instead of a siren, the spectators will be entitled to a triton during this reboot . Faith, gaffe to the tail of fish for this film that has not yet director at the time I write these lines.
Starship Troopers
When it was released in 1997, the film of Paul Verhoeven had more than divided the critic. This violent and fascist film, a film by SF where soldiers wage war on giant extraterrestrial insects, then experienced several pathetic sequences directly bombed into VOD. The redemption transaction appears on, with next reboot led by screenwriters Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, who wrote the film including “Baywatch” ( “Baywatch” if you prefer). As for “Remember … last summer” , their taf will mainly rely on the original novel, “Stars, attention to you!” , By Robert A. Heinlein. Good luck.
Mortal Kombat
Another film with this devil of Christopher Lambert and his laugh of sheitan. We are not going to lie, the cine version of “Mortal Kombat” is a good nanar, in the line of action movies of the 90’s that seriously kiffait . A reboot is not likely to hurt him , especially as it is James Wan, director of “Conjuring” and “Fast & Furious 7”, who charbonne on the project . Finish it!
A remake of a remake. This is how we should understand the next adaptation of “Scarface” , which will succeed the films of Howard Hawks (1932) and Brian de Palma (1983). Well, in our minds, Tony Montana will forever be associated with Al Pacino eh . What will prevent us from going to take a look at this new version realized by Antoine Fuqua ( “Training Day” , “Shooter” ) with Diego Luna (seen in “Rogue One” ) in the title role. The guy will be Mexican – not Cuban – and will go to his dirt in Los Angeles. Another film that will make zizir the side of the White House …