You listened to that slab in the course of history but you kiffes these series from real facts

Cinema 17 June, 2017

The series have the gift of making everything more interesting, even those boring History lessons as the shows below proved.
When it is Mr. Machin who tells you how the Romans beat the Gauls or how the reign of Louis XIV took place, you often have nothing to do, it is more a nice story to accompany your siesta. But when the life of the great figures of history is staged in a series it suddenly becomes the most addictive thing in your life and you sometimes even go to read what it really happened to try to Guess the sequel or establish theories . Well then certainly they are not going to serve you to pass your test of history at the Bac, but they are always welcome when you want to unwind after hours of revisions.
This series of the CW tells the story of Mary Stuart, queen of Scotland and temporarily queen of France, but in a funky and sexy way than in Secrets of History. Moreover, the series ended last night in the United States, we will finally be able to discover if Mary will also lose her head …
Conquests, battles, seizures of power … It’s much more fun to follow with images and even more when it comes to bloodthirsty Vikings! And then, we were all fascinated by the character of Ragnar Lothbrok, as bad-ass as touching, who led his people with intelligence and bravery. If there was a quiz on him at the Bac, we would have easy 20/20 .
Who would have thought that the revolution of the Jacobites in Scotland would be so exciting to follow? Thanks to the Outlander series in any case, we are downright. Maybe if our teachers resembled Sam Heughan, we’d be more attentive in class too, who knows!
The Tudors
Henry VIII of England is one of the most sulphurous monarchs in history and the series The Tudors is obviously in his image, thus A-DO-RE! Between betrayals, forbidden romances, battles for power … We do not miss a second before the series and, most, is that we do not need to remember dates.
The Crown
Much less sulfur than others, The Crown is nevertheless exciting to follow, especially because it is more contemporary and it is like discovering the greatest secrets of the Queen of England. Moreover, we are already looking forward with great impatience to season 2 which should arrive on Netflix in November 2017 .
These five series are by no means the only ones interested in different periods of history and there really is something for everyone, from Versailles to Downton Abbey , Mad Men, The Americans and The Borgias . Yes, often they take freedoms with the reality of the facts but it is only to make it more interesting, and they can always make you change your mind about history. What are your favorite historical series?