Zone Blanche: A new drama for Laurène, what will happen next week on France 2?

Cinema 11 April, 2017

Are you already addicted to Zone Blanche? Waiting for next Monday, we offer you a small preview of the episodes to come …
The two excellent first episodes of the White Zone have just finished and difficult to say that we will have to wait until next week to find out more … We are already far too invested in the mishaps of the inhabitants Of Villefranche, not you? In one evening, the series managed to seduce us with its singular universe and its intrigues mixing mysteries and crimes. One thing is certain, Major Laurène Weiss is not likely to be bored … and neither will we! After two murders and a kidnapping alert, what new drama awaits us next Monday ? Discover a preview of the upcoming White Zone episodes in an exclusive preview ….
Next week in Zone Blanche , Laurène and his team will help an amateur cavateur, convinced that he has had to deal with a monster during his expedition to one of the caves of Villefranche. Given the mysteries surrounding the village, we would almost be ready to believe it! But during the major will try to disentangle the truth from the false, his daughter Cora will continue his little investigation on the disappearance of his best friend Marion . An investigation that could put her in great danger when she comes closer to a new track: a mysterious group of activists who leaves her mark on the walls of Villefranche ….
But that’s not all ! Like this week, you will have two episodes of White Zone . Yeah, it’s kind of fun! In the second chapter, our shock team will face a new murder related to the forest and its mysteries . After finding a phone with videos showing a group of young people terrified by a macabre discovery, then the corpse of one of them, Laurène and her team will try to understand what could have gone wrong during the night These young people … Steiner, for his part, will continue his tricks and his ambiguous relationship with Major Weiss. It promises ! For the rest, it’s on France 2 !