Zone Blanche: The disappearance of Marion finally resolved next week on France 2?

Cinema 25 April, 2017

It’s already time for farewell! Next Monday, France 2 will broadcast the last two episodes of Zone Blanche … and it looks crazy.
Zone Blanche is our favorite of the moment ! With this modern and intriguing series, France 2 understood everything and immediately managed to seduce us. Unfortunately, it is already time for the show to bow out and for us to leave the forest of Villefranche and its many mysteries … Next Monday, the last two episodes of Zone Blanche will be broadcast from 20:55 and – it remains between us – you will not be disappointed! It must be said that after the events of this evening, many questions jostle in our heads. The good news ? We will have – almost – all answers next week … In the meantime, discover two extracts unpublished!
Warning, this article contains spoilers … Who says new episode of Zone Blanche, says new murder to be solved for the major Laurène Weiss and his team! In episode 7, one of the inhabitants of Villefranche will be found dead on his farm. The opportunity for our heroes to discover that there are still many secrets in the small town. But this new chapter of the series will mostly be an opportunity to closely follow the custody of Mayor Steiner . Is he really responsible for the disappearance of his daughter Marion?
A disappearance that will unfortunately transform into death in episode 8 since, Laurene will finally find the body of Marion . Has the girl been the victim of an invisible enemy who lives in the forest, as Major Weiss thinks? Is the twisted blows of his father and his grandfather the cause of his tragic destiny? One thing is certain, the identity of the murderer will finally be discovered and trust us, your surprise will be total … Hang on! To satisfy your curiosity, it’s next Monday from 20:55 … on France 2 of course!