Brad Pitt furious against Angelina Jolie after her interview?

Entertainment 21 February, 2017

If Angelina Jolie finally spoke out about her divorce, Brad Pitt does not seem to be very happy. The actor would even be furious …
For several months, the former most glamorous couple at all Hollywood made low profile. Yeah, after making the squabbles of the scandal press. It must be said that the separation of Brangelina was really sudden. It was Angelina Jolie who made the decision, and within a few days, to separate from her husband. If their divorce has not yet been pronounced, it’s slowly, but surely, that the ex are making their comebacks in Hollywood. Moreover, after long weeks of silence, Angelina Jolie finally confided on her divorce for the very first time . However, that had repercussions … Yes, Brad Pitt, Would not have appreciated the statements of his former wife during his interview and would be furious after her. Oh oh !
Before giving spiders and scorpions to eat her children, Angelina Jolie spoke about her divorce ultra media. The international actress pointed out that she lived through difficult times but that all she did was for her children. But Brad Pitt , who told HollywoodLife , said he would be angry with his ex: “Brad was disappointed with Angelina’s tearful interview and does not consider her a victim All that Brad wants now is to finalize the divorce and a fair deal to see his children . ” Obviously, these statements must be taken with great retreat.