EnjoyPhoenix back, it announces a new project

Entertainment 2 March, 2017

After a few days of absence, Marie Lopez is back on the Web to announce to her fans a brand new project.
It’s back to new adventures ! We do not know you, but we Marie Lopez, she had missed us. And yes, a few days ago, it was announced to you that EnjoyPhoenix was exhausted, and that it had even deserted social networks #Bouhou . His account Instagram was no longer really active, the same for Twitter or Snapchat. But for our greatest happiness, this pause on the Web will not last long. It must be said that the 21-year-old businesswoman can not help but work and develop new projects. And as proof, since the 1st of March, the star of the net has set up a new concept, we tell you everything!
Vlogs, vlogs and more vlogs! For her great return, beauty consultant 2.0 has made things good. Indeed, on the social network of the little yellow ghost, she announced that she was launching the VlogMars . So for fans of the star of the net, if you follow her for a long time, you know she had already put this in place in the past. For others, you will have the chance to see the head of EnjoyPhoenix, the queen of GIF everyday on her YouTube channel EnjoyVlogging yes yes. From the 1st to the 31st of March, the beautiful blonde will be present on the Web in everyday life, and the least that can be said is that her community is very happy! And you, will you follow the VlogMars of EnjoyPhoenix?