Francesco in prison, Leo and Barbara investigate, the recap ‘of the week on France 3

Cinema 17 December, 2016

More Belle La Vie continues on France 3 and this week the identity of the murderer of Cyril and Mitia was revealed ….

This week on France 3, fans of Plus Belle La Vie finally had the answer to the question they were asking for weeks: that killed Cyril and Mitya? Indeed, after weeks of research Leo, Barbara and Nathan managed to find a new suspect for the murder of Cyril in PBLV . According to our three Mistralians, Beatrice, Julien’s mother, was related to the two investigations of the moment. However, Patrick Nebout was not of great help in this plot. On the contrary, the latter did everything to close the case related to Mitia as quickly as possible that the real culprit was already behind bars. And yes, Francesco was not very spoiled at this time of Christmas and if we, viewers, are convinced of his innocence, Patrick did not see things in the same way.
And yet, the police commander should be wary of this dear Beatrice who has only accumulated the slippages in the last few days. Indeed, having denigrated Sabrina before Julien, she allowed himself to come to attack him at his job before shamming once and for all with his son. It was at that time that we had confirmation of his connections with Cyril and Mitia. While we thought the investigation about to end, Beatrice kidnapped Sabrina in PBLV ! The waitress at the Mistral is in danger and we sincerely hope she will get by. Rendez-vous Monday on France 3 to discover the fate reserved for Sabrina.
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