It is true that it is class black and white, the proof with these films

Cinema 2 March, 2017

It always happens, no matter what you say. Sobriety, elegance, contrast, simplicity, efficiency. These magnificent films prove it.
So much the worse for the pisses-chihu for whom the recourse to the black and white is a lack of ideas. No but ! Everyone does as he wishes, as we know, tastes and colors do not dispute. Tolerance, the acceptance of the other, the live-together brothel! Sorry. In short, to come to the point, the black and white films remain a sacred visual pleasure and offer us superb snapshots . Moreover, a fan of “Logan” asked on Twitter to director James Mangold to release another version … in black and white obviously. And apparently his wish will be fulfilled. Meanwhile, he (and we too) can watch these movies again.
12 angry men
Released in 1957, this film by Sidney Lumet does not lose in intensity, sixty years later. For one and a half hours, a jury composed of twelve women and men, deliberating whether or not to decide the guilt of a young man accused of parricide. And so, from his death sentence. The opportunity to see how man reflects, acts and reacts according to his education, his personality, his a priori .
——- 1 ——-
It happened close to you
The black and corrosive humor of Benoît Poelvoorde at its peak when it was just beginning. Filmed in a subjective camera, this feature follows Ben in his adventures and misdeeds , a cynical and heartless man capable of the most beautiful flights and the most horrible behaviors. Parody of the show “Strip-Tease” and fake documentary of 50 min originally, by Rémy Belvaux, it was reworked and lengthened. With success.
——- 2 ——-
Sin City
Adapted from a comedy by Frank Miller, it’s a murder that dates from 2005. Directed by the author of the comic himself in duet with Robert Rodriguez, the beauty of the images strikes continuously. You can compare the images of the book and those of the film, it’s crazy . With the trails of bright red blood that come to try the screen, the Tarantino (who participated and brought his style), the contrasts are superb. In the heart of the city of vice and sin, stories multiply and intertwine.
——- 3 ——-
The paths of glory
A dive in the First World War in the trenches in 1916. And a personal analysis (Stanley Kubrick’s) of crude enough on human nature and the devouring ambition of some men who would sacrifice lives for their own glory . A great Kirk Douglas and scenes that take your breath away. Not necessarily spectacular, which is even stronger.
——- 4 ——-
A story that sounds still today sadly. The perpetual clashes between law enforcement officers and people from working-class districts, incomprehension, rejection, slippage … Dating back to 1995, crowned with three Caesars, Vince (Vincent Cassel) was a young impulsive thirsty for vengeance After the beating of a buddy, Hubert calmed down the game and dreamed, Saïd (Taghmaoui) to mediate … For his second feature, Mathieu Kassovitz, writer, director and editor, breaks the baraque . A classic of French cinema.
——- 5 ——-
Raging Bull
Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci under the direction of Martin Scorsese, already, it reassures. Fortunately, for Jake LaMotta, we did not really know, unless we were a fan of noble art. In summary, it is a life biopic filled with (very) high and (low) of this world boxer of the middleweight boxers from 1949 to 1951 . “The bull of the Bronx” had besides fought our Marcel Cerdan to us, before going to reconversions missed and to see his personal life go in spin. Namely: it was De Niro who pushed to make this film after reading the book about the life of the guy. And that motivated Scorsese, gently but surely. Which began by filming in 8mm color, before realizing that it did not make it right and opt for black and white.