Khloe Kardashian: One of his ex clash their love story

Entertainment 4 March, 2017

Kharde Kardashian left a bad memory for James Harden! The basketballer takes it to her in an interview and it is really not tender …
Kharde Kardashian puts pressure on Tristan Thompson for their wedding ! Kris Jenner’s daughter is in a great hurry to formally unite with the handsome basketball player, but this understandable enthusiasm seems to be gradually turning into obsession. Khloe used their recent trip to Jamaica to encourage his darling to make his request, which ultimately did not happen. And we hope for her that Tristan Thompson will not listen to James Harden! In 2015 the young woman appeared with the player of the Rockets of Houston, and did everything to mediate their relation by preventing the paparazzi of their least gestures. But if Khloe loves to be photographed almost permanently and make talk about her, it was not at all the case of James Harden!
James Harden did not believe Khloe drew media attention to their relationship: “I could not get anything, except for my name and face everywhere, which I did not need. I do not need pictures of me driving, who has something to do, who wants to know what shoes I wear, who is interested And I think that it affected my teammates and I had to get rid of this problem . ” Not a single word for her ex! It is clear that the beautiful athlete does not regret at all their break, and he makes it known. Khloe Kardashian, who is desperate at the thought of marrying Tristan Thompson , Relies heavily on her career as a reality TV star. Will his darling accept to see their relationship and privacy spread in the press? We hope for Khloe that yes … What do you think of the words of James Harden?