Kim Kardashian: His health is getting worse!

Entertainment 20 December, 2016

Nothing seems to go for Kim Kardashian. Her condition seems to be getting worse and her loved ones are unable to help her.

It is a rather complicated period for the Kardashian family. This end of the year is not very happy for the members of the clan. After the attack on Kim Kardashian at Paris, hospitalization Kanye West or the stalker Kendall Jenner is the brother of Kourtney and Khloé who was acting up. Yes, Rob Kardashian farted a lead and apologized Blac Chyna . If the couple has decided to move away from each other for some time, one wonders if their supposed break was not staged to boost audiences of issue, Rob & Chyna . Today, it is an entirely different subject that worries the Kardashian clan. The Kim Kardashian’s condition seems to get worse and the wife of Kanye West can not back up the hill …
Since its attack last October in Paris, Kim Kardashian had a lot of trouble sleeping and would make many nightmares. The star would constantly have flashbacks of the painful moments she experienced, which would worsen her state of health. The US media InTouch reveals that Kim “is sick and needs to deal with what she experienced. She did not want to talk to his friends. At the moment, her friends know she something but do not know more ” . It is true that Kim Kardashian, who appeared without his alliance recently went through a difficult time and it will take him time to heal its wounds. If one adds to this the torments of his dear and tender as well as of his family, one must have strong nerves! So, are you worried about the health of Kim Kardashian?