Star Wars 8, The Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Beauty and the Beast … the most anticipated films of 2017!

Cinema 30 December, 2016

What films will we watch in 2017? As the choice is vast, here is a small list of the productions that we expect the most to discover in theaters. And there is heavy!

And here, 2016 is coming to an end tomorrow night and we are preparing to welcome the next year. So, on the cinema side, we must necessarily look a little more in detail the films that will land in our rooms in 2017. And there will be heavy! Again, the superhero movies will be imposed in theaters, as well as suites and legacy of big Hollywood franchises . We refer of course to Star Wars 8 , Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Fast and Furious 8 but also to Planet of the Apes 3 , marking the end of the course of Caesar. What is certain is that geeks of all kinds and science fiction fans will be served in 2017! Between Valerian , Luc Besson, Blade Runner in 2049 by Denis Villeneuve or Alien: Covenant Ridley Scott, there will be plenty to do. As for fans of Stephen King, they will finally have the opportunity to discover the hoped-adaptation of The Dark Tower on the big screen, while fans remake will love with Kong: Skull Island and The Mummy . In short, the program looks as busy as alchechant! So history to prepare for the film coming year, after having listed the most significant figures in 2016 , offers a little melty top 10 films not to be missed in 2017. Obviously, the choice was difficult!
50 darker shades
This year 2017 will start with a bang thanks to the return to the big screen of the glamorous couple “I love you, me neither” Christian Grey (Jamie Dorman) and Anastasia ” Ana ” Steele (Dakota Johnson)! From the trailer of Fifty Shades Darker, Christian Grey has changed but that is not why his story with Ana will happen like clockwork. Leila (Bella Heathcote) and Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger), two old conquests of the young man, will stir up the trouble between our two lovebirds. Ah, then there’s this unbearable and threatening Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), who does not want to understand that, no, Ana does not want him. Scenes hot and sexy, crying spells and dramas of all kinds are expected. As well tell you that it is eager to see Ana and Christian will fight for their love … hoping that they have a right to their happy ending at the end!
Who would have thought that one day one would be sick of impatience to the idea of ​​seeing a solo film of Wolverine? No, because, when you think about it, Logan’s solo incursions on the big screen were not frankly successful. But that was before ! Wolverine 3, for which Hugh Jackman made a big sacrifice to make it Rated R , has the air of a film well dark , we will take guts and that will allow the player to say goodbye to his character. And when we see what kind of world our mutant Charles Xavier and evolve, we say that Logan will violently stamped apart from other movies ” Wolverine “. We meet anyway fingers that the movie is successful and that James Mangold, director, offers Logan a swan song worthy of him!
The beauty and the Beast
” Eternal history, we never thought … “. Ah! Who has never dreamed of finding the prince charming / elected of his heart by listening to this song? Timeless, the tale of Beauty and the Beast will return in March in our cinemas, to our delight. And we can not wait for it! Already because the trailer of the film amazed us. Then because it is the marvelous Emma Watson who lends her features to Belle and that, from what we have seen, she is absolutely PERFECT in this role. However, we should not expect the film to be completely faithful to the original work and cartoon, the studios having obviously decided to modernize somewhat the character of Belle. But whatever ! We are more than willing to be boarding the wonderful love story of this mythical couple .
Ghost in the Shell
You too have raised a skeptical eyebrow when he heard that the classic Ghost in the Shell was going to be made into a film? What if Hollywood stumbled into this adaptation? Well, clearly, to see the trailer of the film, we said that our worries were unfounded! For Scarlett Johansson has a fascinating look into the role of the incredible Motoko Kusanagi aka Major , and the world of manga of Masamune Shirow and lively Mamoru Oshii was obviously deeply respected. We find the dark atmosphere and cyberpunk, cyborgs somewhat creepy and very metaphysical themes that characterize the original material. So yes, we really hate (HATE) to dive into this film of science fiction more than unusual.
The Fate and the Furious
2017 will be a year Vin Diesel or will not! Not only the actor back into the skin of Xander Cage in xXx: Reactivated after almost 15 years of absence, but in addition, it will be with the poster of The Fate and the Furious – or Fast and Furious 8 – early Of the month of April. Sure, fans of demented action will be served! Except this time, Dominic Toretto us a surprise a bit unpleasant . And yes, our infallible hero, ready to do anything to protect his family, decided to … betray her. Apparently seduced by the criminal Cipher (Charlize Theron), Dom turns against Letty, Luke and the others for some reason. Do we expect the family to implode from within or does Dom follow his own plan? Mystery … But for the fans, it’s a little anxiety! Come on, more than a few months to wait until we have answers to our questions. All accompanied by challenging car chases and explosions of all kinds, of course.
The Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2
” OMG! “. Well, that’s what we thought seeing the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 . After a first volume that was as unexpected as it was deserved, Star Lord and Company will be back at the end of April. And so much to tell you that after two years of absence, we can no longer wait for them! Groot is even more cute than before, the team looks more welded than ever and welcomes with open arms new recruits who will not fail to offer a new dynamic. And this blended family, vaguely dysfunctional, will have to stick together . Not only will Peter Quill finally find his father, Ego (Kurt Russell) but our guards will have to face a new threat interpreted by Elizabeth Debicki. Chris Pratt promised us that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 would be more impressive than the first film , and we have no trouble believing. Laughter, action, but also emotion and tears, this is what is expected of this second opus.
Spider-man homecoming, peter parker, tom holland
Spider-Man is the most beloved character in the Marvel team. So the studios really not in their interest to be planted with its introduction in Captain America 3: Civil War . Well, thankfully, the version of Tom Holland is perfect and his appearance in the film gave us only one desire: to see more ! So, we expect Spider-Man: Homecoming with great anticipation, especially since the film does not account we impose again proof of the death of Ben. With its legendary villain – Vulture – its guest stars luxury – Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) in mind – and his young superhero, the movie has everything, EVERYTHING to please us . The trailer, in any case, has more than given water to the mouth and the return of Spidey to the cinema promises to be awesome!
The Planet of the Apes: Supremacy
This time, Caesar (Andy Serkis) really has enough! After trying to be reasonable and benevolent towards human beings, he decided that we had made fun of him. Consequently, in July, he intends to take up arms in Planet of the Apes: Supremacy to fight against a bloodthirsty colonel (Woody Harrelson) who, for once, would have done better to stay in his place. For this final battle will determine who, monkeys or humans, will establish dominance over the planet . The trilogy Planet of the Apes, whose first album was released in 2011, proved early on a reboot as smart as exciting, which attracted spectators flocking to cinemas. So inevitably, we can not wait to see his conclusion in the form of fireworks … even if we know that at the end, it is still our species that is doomed to lose!
Justice League
Want to find Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg gathered on the big screen, is it fantasy? And much more now! Justice League may well not come out at the end of November 2017, it is already preparing mentally to see happen. And fortunately we can warm up a bit in June thanks to Wonder Woman . Because it’s going to be (probably) crazy! At least we hope so. Of the plot of the film, we do not know much except that Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) will struggle to lead his team of superheroes, that the Flash (Ezra Miller) will be delighted to spin a But that Aquaman (Jason Momoa), he, is likely to be prayed a little. And then there is of course the great villain of the film, namely Steppenwolf, coming straight from the stars and, more particularly, from Apokolips. The result is expected to Dantesque obviously clashes with the action of madness … and a little humor . After the gloomy Batman vs Superman , it will not be against some levity.
Star Wars 8
Last but not least , Star Wars 8 is expected to finish in style the year 2017. And to think we already bursting with impatience at the idea of seeing him is an understatement! The Force Alarm raised among fans many questions – which is Rey? What happened between Ben and Luke? What is the ultimate goal of Snoke – who unfortunately will not find all their answers in Episode VIII. But we trust Rian Johnson to immerse us once again in this fascinating universe that is constantly expanding and to take decisively the succession of JJ Abrams. However, whatever happens in the film, it’s sure to be exciting. As for the fans, this is an opportunity to pay their respects and say a final farewell to Carrie Fisher, unforgettable interpreter Leia, mythical and iconic Star Wars character , who passed away earlier this week. While the Force be with Star Wars 8 ! And you, what film (s) do you expect with the most impatience?