Suits season 6: Episode 12, will Harvey forgive his mother? Our criticism

Cinema 3 February, 2017

Last night, the American channel USA Network broadcast the episode 12 of season 6 of Suits. Then discover our review of “The Painting” and the video promo of the next episode.
This week’s new episode of season 6 Suits takes us into the past of Harvey Specter with a different plot of this we usually see in the series. No new legal case for Harvey in “The Painting” , but a family affair to settle since Donna insisted he had to make peace with her mother to finally move forward in his life. So we had flashbacks of Harvey’s father’s funeral, another time of his life when he wanted to make peace with his mother. As during the funeral, Harvey fails – initially – to go all the way and forgive her mother, especially because it refuses to see his fault . This is not unusual, Harvey is someone who has difficulty in question – as can be especially seen with his recent conversations with Louis and Mike in episode 11 of season 6 of Suits.
Nevertheless, this episode shows that Harvey has matured – would it be the results of his therapy? – and he ends up seeing that he can not judge his mother’s life on a single act. Not to mention that he too has made quite a few mistakes in his life. Finally, settling his differences with his mother allows him to realize that he is not ready to be the leader of the firm and apologizes to Louis. Will the two finally succeed in working as a team? We hope in any case, especially if they want business to resume. Meanwhile, Mike received an unexpected news: someone agrees to hire him! If he will not be able to practice law, he will now manage a team of lawyers – or future lawyers – in a legal clinic that helps people in need.
We are glad to see Mike again in his element, we had missed a lot. And even though his generosity is somewhat exaggerated to our liking, we also appreciate having somewhat different legal matters before us. In addition, it allows to introduce a little fresh blood via two new characters that are already interesting to follow. One wonders how Mike will recross the way to Harvey, especially since they are not left on very good terms in the penultimate episode. Maybe we’ll find them face-to-face for some business? This could be very interesting and entertaining to see! In any case, if one believes the promo video of the next episode of season 6 Suits , Mike and Harvey will spend time together, because he wants to convince Mike to go the bar . Moreover, it seems that Rachel, meanwhile, does not succeed … It promises to be still an intense episode! What did you think of this episode?