The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 7, which helps to escape SPOILER?

7 The Walking Dead season continues with ever more mysteries about the result ... Who helped SPOILER in episode 7? We try to answer you!

Just a ...

5 December, 2016
The Walking Dead Season 7: Daryl already back from Rick and the others? (SPOILERS)

Daryl could he return earlier than expected among his people! A question that could be cleared up on Sunday and dissemination of episode 4 of Season ...

10 November, 2016
The Walking Dead Season 7: Who is Sherry’s wife Negan?

Episode 3 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead marked the return of Sherry, the former girlfriend of Dwight and new wife Sherry. But who is she?

A few ...

9 November, 2016