The Walking Dead Season 7: Daryl already back from Rick and the others? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 10 November, 2016

Daryl could he return earlier than expected among his people! A question that could be cleared up on Sunday and dissemination of episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-amc-twd-episodeDaryl back soon with Rick and the others? It is in any case that suggests a capture the video promo of “Service”, episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, in which arrives Negan in Alexandria . In this image, we invite you to discover below, we find the head of Daryl (Norman Reedus), high above the left shoulder of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Even cutting and even oily hair, no doubt, it’s Daryl who crowd the floor of Alexandria. In other words, rafter-star of the series will participate in the invasion of the ideal city by the Saviors scheduled Sunday night on AMC . But how? Hopes to get him, Negan? The brainwashing that has imposed Dwight him has he completely turned the brain? It’s a safe bet that if Negan decided to take the risk to take her with him is because he is convinced of his dominion. A way for him to proudly display Daryl, broken in two, under the eyes of his friends as a trophy of war. But will it really subject to the Saviors or otherwise he will play the comedy to obtain better conditions of detention? Hard to say at this stage …

We must remember that the methods employed by Dwight are particularly sadistic and could well reach the psyche of Daryl. It is not certain that he even psychological strength to oppose the Saviors as it is plagued by guilt about the death of Glenn (Steven Yeun). The character is currently in the hole. That said, do not forget that Daryl Dixon is a force of nature. Yesterday, Norman Reedus explained why Daryl refuses to submit to Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead . In this interview with EW , he explained that “Daryl is a warrior. He will continue to fight for Glenn, even if it means being tortured and abused every day” . Just hope it does not cross the road to Maggie. A direct confrontation might be too brutal and could unveil its double game? In your opinion, is this Daryl this photo?