The Walking Dead Season 7: Who is Sherry’s wife Negan?

Cinema 9 November, 2016

Episode 3 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead marked the return of Sherry, the former girlfriend of Dwight and new wife Sherry. But who is she?

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-3-episodeA few days before the broadcast episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead and after we asked what could happen there , small return on Sherry who is back in “The Cell”. The the most attentive fans will remember – or have been remembered by the small “previously on” episode 3 – we already saw Sherry in season 6 when Daryl had lost his group in “Always Accountable” . This meeting during which Dwight was also present had cost him a lot of equipment and left a bitter taste because Daryl had tried to help. This same Sherry we found Sunday night on AMC but with one difference: it is not the companion of Dwight and became the wife of Negan. A status that it does not particularly seem to enjoy if one believes his few warnings Daryl …

His fate seems all very different case of his alter-ego comics since in the comics by Robert Kirkman, Sherry leaves Dwight voluntarily to put himself with Negan knowing that this will bring him many privileges. Yet her former husband eventually it miss and affection towards Dwight pushes Negan burn him half of his face for revenge . We imagine that in the series, Sherry is well set with Negan to prevent him from hurting Dwight and thanks to the relationship of the former couple Negan retains control over them. This is what is apparent in the short conversation between Daryl and Dwight at the end of the episode since Daryl admits understand the choices Dwight who has only sought to protect the woman he loved. The question remains whether the series will completely follow the comics or the intrigues of Sherry and Dwight will move away.

From the few scenes that we saw, Sherry seems in any case nicer and could even be a potential ally for Daryl . She made aware of how Negan and discouraged during his flight. Besides his discussion with Dwight suggests that it is still attached to it and that it is by that obligation married Negan. We hope in any case that Sherry will continue on the “right track” and that it could help Daryl to escape even convince Dwight to do the same. One thing is certain, the former couple is made to have an important place in the rest of the story and can not wait to return to Sanctuary to see what will happen to them. Pending the issuance of the next episode, we wondered if Negan have time to kill Daryl before it escapes into the season 7 of The Walking Dead . And you, what do you think of Sherry?