The Walking Dead Season 7: Will Rick and the others get to beat Negan without Eugene?

Cinema 2 January, 2017

A few weeks before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, one wonders what will be the consequences of Eugene’s abduction on the plot.

The holidays are over and 2017 has arrived but we continue to question our favorite shows and then we wondered if there is little Eugene would be present in Season 8 of The Walking Dead is yet to him that We are interested today and its intrigue in the series and in the comics. Please note, we will base ourselves in part on US comics in the suite and they obviously contain spoilers about what we can expect to see in the series . In the mid-season finale of season 7, Eugene was removed by Negan after he discovered that he knew how to make bullets. It is assumed that the Savior will ask him to make ammunition for him, further complicating the task of Rick who had finally prepared to go on the offensive and form an alliance with the other communities.
In the comics The Walking Dead , things happen a little differently puisqu’Eugene do is kidnapped by the Saviors after having already been able to make many bullets for Rick and the others . Given that the real confrontation between Rick and Negan will not happen soon, one wonders how he and his people will be able to defend themselves and even attack in a first assault against the Saviors they could Prepare in the second part of the season to take action in the final season. Indeed Negan is already very armed and although Eugene at first refuses to collaborate with him, it is assumed that it could eventually crack, thus allowing Negan to have all the necessary military equipment. Obviously it is not impossible that Rick and other characters go on mission to release Eugene before going on the offensive, but even this could prove very risky.
It must not be forgotten, however, that Richard, the inhabitant of the Kingdom who seems most in a hurry to make war on Negan, has something very like an explosive paraphernalia hidden in the woods. Although in the series, Rick has no balls manufactured by Eugene, it may well be that his meeting with Ezekiel and therefore probably with Richard result in a plan of attack that would use these hidden weapons . In any case, the abduction of Eugene will have consequences in the following, not only because of his talents but also because it is still a further provocation towards the group of Rick. And unlike the beginning of the season, the latter has finished accepting all that the Saviors impose and is finally ready to counter-attack. While waiting to know how they will manage without firearms, discover about Robert Kirkman who spoke about the number of remaining seasons of The Walking Dead . And you what do you think ?