The Walking Dead Season 8: Will Eugene be there? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 31 December, 2016

The winter hiatus continues and our speculation about season 8 of The Walking Dead too! This time it is to the famous Eugene Porter that we are interested … Attention, spoilers.
One time is not customary, we continue to study on a case by case basis the different characters of our favorite series of zombies to estimate their chances of survival at the end of the current season. So after we looked at Rosita whether she would be present in Season 8 of The Walking Dead is his friend Eugene Porter, played by Josh McDermitt, we are interested today. As usual, it warns you against the big spoilers ahead of the US comic book The Walking Dead since it is always in part on these and partly on the spoilers of the series that we rely. In the series, Eugene was kidnapped by Negan in the final mid-season after he discovered that he knew how to make bullets. One can immediately understand that despite this affront, the leader of the Saviors intends to keep him alive to ask him to make him ammunition rather than bother to be in constant search of bullets .
If only for this talent of great value in a situation of apocalypse zombie, one thus tends to think that Eugene will be present in season 8, even if its imprisonment will not be a part of pleasure. That said, one is never safe from an attempt at a heroic act that would kill him, but all the survivors of the series have every interest in keeping him alive. In the comics, Eugene has the same talent for manufacturing balls but he has time to make a good number for Rick and his allies before being taken hostage by the Saviors . He then shows exemplary behavior by refusing to release any information about his group despite the threats of death and torture and we can only hope that Eugene will show the same determination in the series.
Still in the comic book, while Negan offered him an ultimatum and let him think about it, Eugene and the other hostages are released by Dwight and some other Saviors who want to dismiss Negan. Wondered since there is little if Sherry was going to replace Dwight in future episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead , we would ask if there release, if it will still be well Dwight freeing Eugene or Sherry will. Indeed Dwight’s bow of redemption might be different in the series than in the comics but Eugene’s hostage taking could be the catalyst for his change of camp. All this is still far and above one wonders if Eugene will be released and will make bullets for Rick before his clash with Negan or if war begins with Eugene still imprisoned at the Shrine … As usual all this are only Speculation and you are invited to share your own theories in the comments pending February 12! And you, what do you think it will happen to Eugene in the sequel?