The Flash Season 3: Episode 6, Wally succumbs to the power of Alchemy, our review!

Cinema 16 November, 2016

While the episode 6 of season 3 of The Flash has been aired on the CW, back on a rich episode in revelation and very friendly!

the-flash-saison-3-episode-3-3x03-jesse-quickWally and Caitlin in the heart of the episode! And yes meltynautes since the Season Premiere of the new season, we knew that the two characters were soon to find themselves confronting a new destiny. If the wait seemed very long, there is no doubt that “Shade” has worked to give us exactly what we wanted from the producers and writers had tease the return of Kid Flash and Killer Frost. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the secrets of casting about Killer Frost, HR Wells and Kid Flash in season 3 of The Flash , back in detail on key events in “Shade” aired last night on the CW . And the least we can say is that Wally was in the middle of a serious dilemma throughout the episode. Determined to become a hero and help others since it was hit by the explosion of the particle accelerator, the ability to turn into the speedster glad and has many difficulties in measuring the danger short when he indulges in his dreams. This facet of the character is very interesting because it clearly denotes the Barry temperament too stuck in its responsibility to get overwhelmed by carelessness altogether legitimate for Wally . Car racing fan and adrenaline, West son was always intoxicated by the speed and danger. So it is natural that explosive sound mind is attracted by the possibility of obtaining power. Alchemy and understood that Wally was a prey of gold and continues to attack him mentally during the episode.
And we must admit that our heroes seem terribly powerless to psychic gifts of the Big Bad very different from anything they have faced before. If HR Wells offers a rather sensible idea, we never thought that the cell might prevent Alchemy go after Wally. Worse, we never thought the team could emerge victorious from his trap the big bad of the season. The arrival of Savitar should also reshuffled the cards and will maybe everyone to realize that they must review their strategy if they want to have a chance to defeat him. Besides talking about this human meta perfect uselessness! A real distraction for us to show that the only one that really worth scramble is another Alchemy. In addition, “Shade” was trying to throw us a pole on the identity of the villain by offering us a very interesting reply on Julian absent from the police when the squad decided to attack the lair of Alchemy. Is it that obvious? At the editorial ‘of melty, we are rather perplexed and we think Julian would probably behind the coarse mask Big Bad . Meanwhile, Caitlin finally revealed the truth about his powers to Cisco. A revelation that clearly echoes the situation of Wally. While the young man would do anything to get donations, Caitlin did everything right to get rid of.
Vibe visions are far from surprising us, however. In fact, he was deeply annoying that Caitlin could benefit from an appeal to cancel his powers. Discover that she is destined to become Killer Frost again raises the question of fate but from a new angle. Now that she is aware it is supposed to become an enemy of the Team, can it counter the inevitable? We should know more next week in a delightfully named episode “Killer Frost” . Although “Shade” we rather gave a tense, humor is never far away in The Flash and it is mostly present in the personality of HR Wells that continues to make us laugh. Whether his idea of making a STAR Labs museum, its technology allows it to change the face or his undisguised flirting with Cecil, this is a Wells who takes everything and not afraid to s ‘open. And we look forward to learn more about his past. Finally, Wally ended the episode enclosed in a cocoon. A terrible surprise for all the fans who imagined finally discover Kid Flash roam the streets of Central City in the true timeline. In short, it was a pretty good episode balanced but that seems rather intended to propose a smooth transition to the revelation of the real threat that represents the duo Alchemy / Savitar. Until next week, discover the secrets of Candice Patton about Barry and Iris in season 3 of The Flash. And you, what did you think of this episode?