The Power Rangers: The director promises a film that caters to both new and old fans

Cinema 16 March, 2017

Is Dean Israelite, director of the Power Rangers, in danger of losing the old fans to the detriment of the new ones? According to him, the answer is no
Dean Israelite has a big pressure on his shoulders. The director of the Power Rangers, whose post-generic scene has been teased by himself , will have to satisfy the new as the old fans of the franchise. Franchise that has existed for several decades and has made the happiness of the spectators! According to him, the answer is clear: the movie will appeal to both old and new Power Rangers aficionados . It was during an interview for Collider that the latter gave himself up “I think it is about making the characters very interesting, to make their stories convincing.The arch developed by the film is really fun, Exciting, entertaining, while retaining the original spirit of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Of course, Dean Israelite did not hide that The Power Rangers, who discovered their colors in an exclusive extract exclusive, would overflow many easter eggs! As a reminder, easter eggs are small winks addressed to the fans to please them and which are generally found in movies, series, video games but also pieces of music. You will have understood : if you are a new spectator who knows very little these Justiciers with powers coming from space, you can rush enjoy the film! A film that promises a franchise if it is a commercial success. With Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks at the cast, achieving this result should not be complicated! What do you think ?