The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3, Daryl to thank you for Negan our critical

Cinema 8 November, 2016

Last night AMC aired a brand new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead and invites you to discover it not our criticism of “The Cell”! Beware of spoilers.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-3-the-cell-1The Walking Dead season 7 continues and after Austin Amelio (Dwight) we have unveiled the scenes of the reign of Negan and the Sanctuary , we finally discovered the hideout Saviors of our own eyes in episode 3 aired last evening on AMC and a few hours later on OCS. In “The Cell” and as often lately, The Walking Dead offers us a small music scene in the introduction to quickly introduce routine Dwight in the Sanctuary. Then comes the moment when he looks at his prisoner. Daryl Dixon This is a Daryl trembling, naked and exhausted found in a cell, forced to endure the same song loop to break the psychologically . Despite our desire to learn more about his fate, it is not really about Daryl that the episode is focused and that is that Dwight is at the heart of the story.
This allows us not only how Daryl will also learn how the Sanctuary and see Negan in its environment, in confidence with one of his henchmen. The episode thus follows a relatively quiet pace that we plunges both in the present but also in the past Dwight and his ex-wife Sherry, now married to Negan . Savior but not too much, it also prevents Daryl when he tries to run away and we feel his warnings in the taste experience. Obviously Daryl can not (already) to escape, but it is a relatively mild Negan overtaking him and asked him, at the end of the episode, to be part of his clan. After a long silence during which we confess, we also got a little scared, Daryl eventually reject the offer and is found again in cell, ready to undergo further psychological torture.
The exchange between Dwight and Daryl at the end shows us – like many of his scenes. – Dwight has submitted to Negan reluctantly and simply to rescue Sherry This obviously grows to feel a little more sympathy for this character torture that likely did not have many choices and lets hover above some questions about the result . Dwight will he end up rebelling against Negan Daryl and help to escape? We’ll know soon … With “The Cell”, AMC has given us a relatively quiet episode centered on the story of Dwight, which leads us to think that it will have a crucial role in the plot. Punctuated by a few music keys, without much dialogue, we note the slight presence of Negan whose personality still weighed on the whole episode through his men and his ruthless grip on them. The series leaves us a little catch our breath after the first season but was already looking forward to next week. While waiting to return to Alexandria, discover how melty on Glenn’s death affect Enid in 7 of The Walking Dead season. And you, what did you think of the episode?