The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 6 Oceanside Welcome to our critical

Cinema 28 November, 2016

Last night AMC aired a brand new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead and you can not discover that our critique of “Swear!” Beware of spoilers.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-6-swearNew week, new episode 7 of The Walking Dead season aired last night on AMC and this time we move away a little Alexandria to take an interest in Tara and Heath and what happened to them. “Swear” opens directly to the introduction of a new community that will prove to be Oceanside with two of its members, not necessarily a very friendly. Fortunately another, Cyndie, seems not to agree with the rules of their community that require them to kill even the living when someone approaches their camp. The assistance of Cynthia quickly allows Tara to recover from the attack suffered with Heath, and as curious as us to approach this community to see just what is going on . During his exploration, she also falls on what is missing now sorely in Alexandria: a gun. But the alert is given quickly and Tara finds himself once again saved by Cyndie who in his favor from Natania, his grandmother and community leader.
Their little discussion allows us to learn a little more about this group and when it comes to enemy group that killed all the men in the community, we doubt that it’s Saviors it is. the reputation of the group Negan is more to do and Tara discovers later that his relatives might well have suffered the same treatment . While Natania claims refer Tara looking Heath then home with two scouts, one suspects that things are a little too simple, it is a performance she prepares. Still at large, she discovers that the inhabitants of Oceanside also have knowledge of methods of Saviors and there is little chance that his group is still in full after what they did to them. For the third time, Cyndie comes to his aid to help find a missing definitely Heath. Has he found a getaway car? Has he been abducted by Saviors? We will know probably in a few weeks …
The separation of Tara and Heath is shown through flashbacks that punctuate relatively slow episode yet with few walkers shortbread pretty friendly. If “Swear” proved to be a necessary step in the advancement of the season to find out what had happened and Tara Heath and what had happened to them, we must admit that the discovery of Oceanside has been a little less exciting than expected. the existence of this well-armed community is especially an issue for later since from the Tara back to Alexandria, Rosita has made it clear that this was their greatest weakness . We also regret that the reunion may not have been more complete with a host of Rick or a little more explanation on what happened with Negan after the prolonged absence of Tara that was all even happy to see. AMC signed a fun episode but without surprises, even without showing them, still insists on the power of Saviors. Meanwhile whether Tara will eventually reveal his secret, discover all the longer mid-season finale of Season 7 of The Walking Dead! And you, what did you think of the episode?