The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 7, what will happen? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 28 November, 2016

A few hours after the broadcast of a new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead, it is already time to wonder what awaits us in “Sing Me A Song”. Warning, spoilers.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-7x07-episode-7Yesterday evening AMC aired episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead which our critic is already available on melty. After “Swear,” is now the next episode and what awaits us in “Sing Me A Song” that is interested. From what we already know, episode 7 will bring us back to the Sanctuary of Negan but not only. As you can see in the promo video below, we will also learn a little more about Rick, and Aaron Michonne and what will happen to them. Rick and Aaron are always looking for something to give to the Saviors during their next raid and they may well fall on unsympathetic group if one believes the warning panel they cross without much hesitation . Will they find resources in these new territories? And that could put the warning? It will take a few days before you know it … Michonne meanwhile also continues the road for his part, always for a mysterious mission.
A first single episode 7 watch on the road, whistling and Degomme zombies, nothing very unusual for her. We should at least learn more about purpose or objective as it is part entrusting home to Carl after Rick himself is gone. Will she join? Is it a party to the Hilltop to talk with Maggie and Sasha? The answer next week … Finally it is again the Sanctuary Saviors and that should be the star of episode 7 as Jesus and Carl get there. In another excerpt, we see them in the truck ready to jump to finish the foot path despite the hesitations of Carl. Even though we are assured that Jesus is with him, we doubt that things could quickly go wrong for the young man . Beware of spoilers from the US comics below. In the comics by Robert Kirkman, Carl attacks the Saviors and is faced Negan having to sing a song.
The episode title “Sing Me A Song / Sing me a song” suggests that things could happen the same way in the series and therefore that the attempt to get rid of Carl Negan will not work and that it will, as Daryl taken prisoner. The question is what would happen to Jesus. More subtle Carl, he could hide during the attack the young man to avoid being detected even if we imagine that he would help him again if Carl was in danger. Jesus will he be kill the fault of Carl as punishment for having tried to attack Negan? it would not be the first time the leader of the Saviors inflicting such punishment on someone who rebels and since it s’ in will, a priori, to Carl, it may be it Jesus who takes in his place. All this is obviously just speculation – some hoped false – and waiting to know what will actually happen Sunday night on AMC , we wondered if Tara was about to reveal his secret to Rosita and another in the following the season 7 of the Walking Dead . And you, what are you waiting for episode 7?