You get annoyed at the end of the film and you are not talking about the same

Cinema 23 December, 2016

It’s kind of the thing that changes everything so it’s better to know if you’re talking about the same as your buddy. Serious? Yes, these films show different purposes. Truthful.
The most vicious: two ends at the theatrical release
“Hide and Seek” is not the most famous films in which De Niro plays and yet there would be reasons . Already because he encamped a doctor a little specious, far from his most famous roles. And especially because the director John Polson decided to offer two ends to the spectators. In the cinema, indoors. I would like to know the number of misunderstandings between the people who talked about it …
The classics: an alternative ending on the DVD
Nothing surprising, it is both a means for the real ‘and the prod’ to show the other track that had been dug and a “reward” to the buyer who will have an anecdote to tell in exchange Of the 22 balls he dropped. “And did you say thank you?” . Examples: ” Titanic,” “Salt,” “Final Destination 3”, “I Am Legend,” “Scream 4″ .
Public opinion: a comprehensible and adapted end
As when a company wants to release a product and ensure its success, it confronts it upstream to a limited audience. An important test phase. And when the majority does not like a proposed end, bah you fall back on the second and worse. Or you rework the first, you modify it a little so that it passes. Examples: ” Fight Club” (flashbacks added to make it more understandable), “Snake Eyes”, “Brazil” (a happy end to the Yanks, sad for Europeans).
The urgency of the competition: an end with a montage … not finished
Presented at Cannes in 1979, “Apocalypse Now” was not then a final version . A kind of work in progress. So, when Coppola’s film came out on DVD, the editing was over and had somewhat changed the end. Who were you aware of? And you saw both ends?