You have to see these things in a Christmas movie

Cinema 24 December, 2016

You know very well what is waiting for you in the next few days. Always the same films, year after year. And you even know what’s inside. If so, ooooh though.
Bah, that’s the basis. Especially as in reality, concretely, we have less and less. Compare in the early 1990s, you’ll see. Before it was every Christmas that you could do the cunt, build your snowman and swing balls on everyone. Now you’re forced to watch “Mom I missed the plane” for the 26th time to see snow, crap . Or “The Holiday”, with the beautiful Cameron Diaz. And others, yes there is enough to do.
A dream environment
At worst, it is a beautiful house that you will never have the means to pay you. Type a building dating back several centuries, a chalet in the mountains or a sumptuous apartment in one of the most expensive metropolises in the world. Otherwise, its just a dream place, created by animation, such an isolated village in a mountain as in “The Grinch” , or “A Christmas Carol” (yet another view).
A mocked Santa Claus
That it is good to maltreat (with respect despite everything) the institution! It is all the beauty of humans and their profound humor. Examples ? “Bad Santa” (robber, vulgar), “Le Père Noël est une ordure” (SDF, redneck) … And do not they say that tough love? And then it’s for the good cause, to make the kids laugh and make New Year’s Eve truly a joyful moment. Let them not be stuck at table between pope and uncle who empty the bottles of red and end up skidding.
Exciting songs
Not necessarily “Jingle Bells” eh, we also have the right to evolve a little. Without speaking of the turfu either, there is a gap eh. In any case, you need a soundtrack that goes well, that puts you in the mood, you’re going to remember unconsciously . You’ll fuck all over again … Genre the ones heard in “Love Actually”, “The Holiday”, “Love at all costs” …
Good feelings
Logic, on which you stick the music otherwise? We have to stay in the feel good, do not forget! Even though it’s zany as in “Miracle on 34th Street” where Doris Walker, at the basic Macy chain employee, goes to court to prove that he’s really Santa Claus. Or when a first as Willie bastard in “Bad Santa” eventually store robberies and falls for the lovely Sue, a redemption to show in all redemption schools (laughs, soon it will exist and will pay € 7,000 l Year).
Love is not dead
Yes, that’s important to point out. Especially now that the cold has screwed up all your opportunities to nab: aperitif at the park, barbecue among friends, party until dawn, patio to your heart … Hop completed, the cold is there, repackages the world and stay at home . So to keep believing, mate “Love actually”, “The holiday”, “When Harry meets Sally”. And if you’re a couple, bah you will regard them with delight, telling you “Wow how lucky we are darling, what we’re good together! I even believe that our love is stronger than their !” What does not eat bread, no problem.
Set aside the material aspect, but not too much
Whether in “The Grinch”, “Family Man” or “The Toy Race”, the main message is of course that you have to share moments with the people you love. That is, his family (and if you do not like your family, pretend, dismantle yourself). In the first city, the isolated individual ends up being pulled out of his bitterness and apprehension by a little girl, in the second, a capitalist trader discovers that he would have been happier in a couple with his old love of youth, and The third, Schwarzy does everything to make happy his mouflet. It’s beautiful, okay. But ultimately, the grinch makes a mess in gift, Jack gets to do both and still cash a monstrous salary and dad behaved hysterically for a toy . Mouai. Ready to watch them?