Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Samsung promises an explanation 2017

An explanation of the fiasco created by the Galaxy Note 7 explained before 2017? This is what the Samsung firm promises!

Samsung hopes to ...

14 December, 2016
iPhone OS: Big promotion on the 4-inch smartphone at PriceMinister

Looking for a new smartphone? The iPhone OS is perhaps designed for you. Priced at less than 400 euros a dealer, the small iPhone has something to ...

13 December, 2016
Best: The Huawei P9 Lite with a pregnant offered on sale for Christmas!

Want to pick up a phone Huawei P9 Lite for Christmas? This promotion offered with a pregnant should please you!
A phone is cool to listen to music, ...

13 December, 2016
Meizu Pro 6 Plus: Why it can compete with the Samsung Galaxy S7

The Meizu Pro 6 More recently formalized. meltyStyle explains why it can compete with the Galaxy S7.
Tease the past few days by its manufacturer, ...

13 December, 2016
Xiaomi: The S8 Elephone wants to compete with the Mi Mix

As Xiaomi, Elephone will market a borderless smartphone. Check out the first version of its design.
Last October, Xiaomi caused a sensation by ...

13 December, 2016
Galaxy Note 7: Samsung will limit the recharge for the latest models

In France, the Galaxy Note 7 will no longer be charged beyond 30% capacity of their battery. In the US, they will be charged.

Samsung continues to ...

13 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7: For Android Nougat, we have to wait

The Nougat Android update for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is announced for the coming weeks, but it will wait longer to enjoy it really.

The ...

13 December, 2016
iPhone 7 Plus: What we like about the Apple smartphone

The iPhone 7 Plus has finally arrived to the editorial '! meltyStyle you list the positives smartphone at the apple.
Formalized on September 7, the ...

13 December, 2016
The Microsoft Surface sell better thanks to the MacBook Pro 2016

Life is good for Microsoft. Sales of the range area have never been so positive and this is due to disappointment with the MacBook Pro 2016, ...

13 December, 2016
Huawei Mate 9: The release date in the US leak

Huawei Mate 9 is the surprise side of smartphone that end 2016. After conquering Europe, PHABLET approaches the USA.
Since its presentation this ...

11 December, 2016
Best: The Google Nexus 6P at unbeatable prices!

You want to catch the 6P Google Nexus at a small price? This offer should please you!
You want to enjoy a high-end smartphone without breaking the ...

11 December, 2016
Google: The Earth is changing before our eyes through timelapse

Through its Timelapse program, Google enables us to see the evolution of the Earth over the past decades. The opportunity of being giant history and ...

11 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The battery limited to 30% in France!

Starting next week, Samsung will update their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to limit to 30% the capacity of its battery. An update will be available in ...

11 December, 2016
Pokemon Sun & Moon: The best teams in London details of European Championships

You dream to participate in official competitions Pokemon, but you do not know how to compose your team? No panic, it reveals the best teams of ...

11 December, 2016
How I pushed my Instagram account followers 1000-7000

There are a lot of ways (il) legal to grow the number of followers on Instagram. 'This is the story of the best tips and utility or nonsense raw ...

10 December, 2016
BlackBerry wants to be the guardian angel of the Internet of Things

BlackBerry, which in the past bought many small businesses, consolidating its purchases now. BlackBerry smartphones will manufacture over, but ...

10 December, 2016
We introduced the restructuring coding system into AirDroid4.0

We have just completed the staged rollout of AirDroid(Mobile; Mac/Win ) on Google Play Store, it is now available to all users. In ...

10 December, 2016
Crash Bandicoot N ‘Sane Trilogy PS1 vs PS4, graphic comparison video

Discover the comparative video of the saga Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot and remake N 'Sane Trilogy.
If there is indeed a way that all fans of the ...

9 December, 2016
Nintendo Switch: Absent mobile gaming console?

While Nintendo promised Switch to unify home consoles and portable, what about mobile gaming?
With the next start of the year out of the Nintendo ...

9 December, 2016
When Samsung partners with Google, Facebook or Sony for the future of virtual reality

(Relaxnews) - Acer Starbreeze, Oculus Facebook, Google, HTC Vivid, Samsung and Sony Interactive Entertainment announce the formation of a new ...

9 December, 2016
Pokemon Sun & Moon: Have 3 starters on the same cartridge, it is possible!

You want to get all the starters Pokemon Sun Moon you on your cartridge? It is possible, provided you have some time to kill!
You chose your starter ...

7 December, 2016
FPGA chips: China aims Lattice Semiconductor USA but ensure

The acquisition of Lattice (US supplier of programmable chips) by a fund guided by China proves to be a sensitive issue.

There are strategic ...

7 December, 2016
USA: Donald Trump wants to encourage Apple to repatriate the production of iPhone

Donald Trump wants Apple repatriates industrial production of iPhone models on American soil. He discussed the subject with Tim Cook, who is studying ...

7 December, 2016
Microsoft + LinkedIn: Commission adheres “conditionally”

Brussels validates the reconciliation between Microsoft and Linked. But the acquiring group must respect the commitments in terms of openness.

7 December, 2016
Dailymotion: a massive hacking 85 million accounts

The French giant of online video was hacked about 85.2 million accounts (email addresses).
Hacking, who's next? After Dropbox, Yahoo and many other ...

7 December, 2016
Trusted contacts: Google launches app to reassure

Google has a new application: Contacts called Trust, it aims to reassure your loved ones in an emergency, including géolocalisant the terminal.

7 December, 2016
Apple Watch: faced with falling sales, Tim Cook plays the Coue method

While IDC has announced a fall of 71% in sales of the connected watch, Apple boss says, on the contrary, they are breaking records.

The Apple ...

6 December, 2016
Galaxy Note 7: experts think they have found the cause of the explosion

According to independent engineers, Samsung smartphone explosions are not due to the battery itself but the design of the device.

Samsung has not ...

6 December, 2016