Empire Season 3: Episode 7, Cookie made peace with her past, our criticism

Cinema 1 December, 2016

Cookie’s past came back to haunt her in episode 7 of season 3 of Empire. Discover the criticism of “What We May Be”.

empire-season-3-saison-3-episode-7-3x07-critiqueLast night the past Cookie is surfaced in episode 7 of season 3 of Empire . Indeed, “What We May Be” focused on the colorful character of Taraji P. Henson, which announced a great episode. But he lived up to our expectations? The editorial of melty you to discover without further delay, the criticism of episode 7 of Season 3 Empire . “What We May Be” opens Cookie, very busy, which is reconciled with Angelo and appears to be ready to arrange for their relationship work. A Empire, Jamal was mocked on the radio. Lucious is furious and exposes his son in front of everybody saying it spends too much money making no musical creation. Yet Jamal seems to be on a project in Season 3 Empire . Back home, his two love interest, and Phillip Derek, disagree because the latter gives drugs to Jamal. The tone rises, but all are interrupted by Cookie who is about to meet the mother of Angelo . Jamal shows him her new video where she is seen little with her two sisters. But when she sees her father appear on the screen, nothing goes and she refuses Jamal uses these videos. But why ?
Angelo’s mother is already not really a fan of Cookie, without knowing . This is perhaps a good thing that the co-CEO of Empire does is not shown. Meanwhile, Jamal tries to learn more about the reaction Cookie with her aunt in season 3 of Empire . Carol explains that it is related to the first time she met Lucious. While Cookie apologizes to Angelo, she remembers the night when her father put her outside and is upset. A scene that gives to tears! It proposes a new meeting with the mother of Angelo in the company of Andre Jamal and Hakeem. By finding Jamal, Cookie tells him that his father had a heart attack just three days after he kicked out and he died that night. If it continues like this, a box of tissues will not be enough! These flashbacks of young Cookie make us more like the character . As usual, you can count on Lucious to ruin everything. It reserved the restaurant thought Cookie invite Angelo’s mother and finds himself blacklisted all the posh places of the city. But Candace suggested he give a dinner at home provided to review all the decor!
The attitude of Hakeem and Jamal Cookie does not help to put the mother of her boyfriend in the pocket in season 3 of Empire . And it’s even worse when Lucious Anika and invite home! The co-CEO of Empire attempts to discredit Cookie Mrs. Dubois eyes. But Jamal ends up saving the evening singing the song he composed for his mother. Cookie bursts into tears (and we, never two without three) and Lucious Anika leave. Mrs. Dubois finally fell in love with Cookie. Angelo and the life she could lead him to finally be what his father always wanted for her. But where was Andre? At the Nessa family celebration to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the death of his brother Stone where he brought Freda Gatz to convince her to join the label Shyne. Nessa and rapper Shyne sing together and do not miss a beat and filmed the entire scene. But what he up to? And seeks Andre? Something tells us that Empire is in danger. If the stakes of this episode were low and that the plot has slowed somewhat, it does not displease us. In addition, “What We May Be” begins to set the stage for a Winter explosive finale. Pending more information, next Wednesday, discover everything you need to know about 8 and 9 episodes of season 3 of Empire . Meltynautes then, what did you think of the episode 7 of the Empire Season 3?