Season 2

Westworld: 4 theories that will make you ruminate before season 2!

Are you a true fan of Westworld? So these theories should please you while waiting for season 2!
Westworld is probably the series that has the most ...

18 January, 2017
Blindspot season 2: Episode 11 tonight, is there a drama for Kurt and Allison?

It's the big night! Episode 11 of Season 2 of Blindspot will air on NBC and we look forward to it. What does "Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord" mean? ...

12 January, 2017
Shadowhunters Season 2: Episode 2, Alec is in great danger to save Jace, our critic!

While Episode 2 of Season 2 of Shadowhunters has just been released on Freeform, discover our review of "A Door Into The Dark"!

Jace he is ...

11 January, 2017
The 100, Gray’s Anatomy, Supergirl, HTGAWM ..: The LGBT characters that marked the year 2016!

The diversity in the series gradually comes to make a place and this year, many LGBT characters have made talk about them!
Happy New Year ! That's ...

1 January, 2017
The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Shadowhunters, Gray’s Anatomy

As the year 2016 draws to a close and the series are still in a winter break, the editor of melty has decided to cheer you by proposing to you to ...

30 December, 2016
Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Discover who will epitomize George Lucas (Star Wars) in the upcoming episodes!

Episode 9 of Legends of Tomorrow's season 2 will allow us to meet a young George Lucas! Discover the actor who plays the role of the creator of Star ...

29 December, 2016
The day when … Shadowhunters conquered my heart with the Malec couple!

You too, have you had a favorite for Shadowhunters? You love the Malec couple and you can not do without it? Excellent, I think we'll have a lot to ...

28 December, 2016
Quantico season 2: Ryan he will die?

The Midseason Finale of Season 2 of Quantico ended leaving us speechless ... Everything is possible and besides, Ryan could he die in the coming ...

15 December, 2016
How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 SPOILER death, his twin brother back soon? WTF theory of the week!

If a key person has died in Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, her twin brother will he soon be on the show? This is the theory WTF of the ...

19 November, 2016
How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Spoiler death, Pete Nowalk explained his decision and tease on!

A leading figure in the series died in Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder. Pete Nowalk, the showrunner, talks about her decision.

Last night ...

18 November, 2016
Blindspot Season 2: Episode 9, our critic, Jane unmasked and FBI trapped in the Winter Finale!

Episode 9 of Season 2 of Blindspot aired last night in the US. What got us this Winter Finale? immediately Discover our review of "Why let cooler ...

17 November, 2016
The day … Supergirl charmed me by his audacity!

You too have been slow to be convinced by Supergirl? You are now completely in love and hope that this will continue? Excellent, we will be able to ...

16 November, 2016
Supergirl Season 2: Episode 5, the first fruits of the Guardian, our criticism

Last night the US channel The CW aired episode 5 of season 2 Supergirl. Then discover our critique of "Crossfire."

The episode 5 of season 2 ...

8 November, 2016