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Westworld Season 2: New parks, chaos … the latest spoilers on!

Meanwhile Season 2 of HBO show, it takes stock of the latest spoilers with actors Westworld ...

So yes, the season 2 of Westworld surely begin ...

16 December, 2016
Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Episode 8 Sara refused to save Laurel, our criticism of the final mid-season!

While the episode 8 of season 2 Legends of Tomorrow was broadcast last night on the CW, return to the main events in this very intense final ...

9 December, 2016
This is Us: One of The Walking Dead actress joined the event series!

While a new episode of This Is Us is broadcast tonight in the US, we learn that a well-known actress of The Walking Dead fans joined the cast.

6 December, 2016
Westworld: Episode 10, revelations in shambles, our critique of season finale

A few hours after the broadcast of episode 10 of Westworld Discover our review of a final successful season!

Last night, HBO broadcast the tenth ...

5 December, 2016
Westworld: The wink of the series Game of Thrones!

Last Westworld was intense and it should not blink to not miss a nod to another HBO series, the famous Game of Thrones!

Have you seen it ? There ...

26 November, 2016
Lemony adventures Baudelaire orphans: A fantastic first trailer for the show Netflix event!

A few weeks before the launch of the first season of Adventure Lemony Baudelaire Orphans, a first trailer of the event show netflix reaches us!

18 November, 2016
Class: Episode 4, a heart for two, our criticism

This week in episode 4 of Class, April is at the heart of events because of its link with the Shadow King. She is the young woman die? Can she fight? ...

6 November, 2016