Kaamelott: The characters we want ABSOLUTELY to see again in the film

Cinema 12 January, 2017

The cast of the series Kaamelott is unforgettable and many are the characters to have marked us during the 6 seasons. Will they all be present in the cinema? We hope so!

Kaamelott is the French series of which we are impatiently waiting for the big return to the cinema. After the good days of M6 from 2005 to 2009, the series of Alexandre Astier ended on a sixth book explosive which left us in full doubt. Are our heroes safe and sound? Did Lancelot succeed in capturing them? What will become of Arthur? Many questions that should be answered on the big screen. Therefore yes after we said just a Kaamelott movie! But the production of these films (Alexandre Astier evoked a trilogy) took a long time to set up, slowed down by a conflict between the artist and the production company CALT. Fortunately for the fans, it was learned in 2016 that everything was settled and that Alexandre Astier was starting to write again! Who will be part of this new adventure? Here are the characters that we absolutely want to see again in the dark rooms.
Impossible to imagine Kaamelott without his broken arms skewers, although this is the case part of Book VI! The duets are numerous in the series and it would be logical to find them afterwards, Perceval and Karadoc in the lead. The two friends who founded their own semi-crunchy clan saw their lair excavated by Lancelot’s men at the end of Book VI. Kings of the absurd and combat techniques, the two friends have never stopped making us laugh over the episodes, while making crazy king . It would be unthinkable not to find them on the screen if only to clarify the mystery of the famous “destiny” of Perceval!
Another duo as barred, Yvain and Gauvain. The king’s nephew and brother-in-law are inseparable and have many commonalities like fear of combat, and natural incompetence! It is certainly their part of the best replica Kaamelott! Although we do not know the fate of Yvain at the end of Book VI, Gauvain is saved from the men of Lancelot by Bohort. It would be very interesting to see if these events changed the personality of the two young men. Indeed, although they are both adults, their behavior is usually that of real teenagers! A duo whose improbable adventures (like their meeting with a fakir) will surely continue to make us laugh at the cinema.
Impossible not to mention the other relatives of Arthur like Guinevere, Léodagan, Dame Séli, Bohort or Merlin. All these characters that the king rubs on every day and of which one does not want to separate! Following the attempted suicide of Arthur, his relationship with Guinevere evolves towards something sweeter. Gone are the days when the queen let herself walk on her feet, she no longer hesitates to make herself heard and this might suggest a new dynamic between the two spouses. The queen’s fearsome parents who have never appreciated their son-in-law are also one of the best comedy springs in the series. Léodagan the bourrin always ready to cramer everything and Dame Séli reflecting on the best ways to obtain an heir while drawing money from the kingdom! They never hesitate to oppose Arthur causing hilarious family scenes. Finally Bohort the great sensible is indispensable as Merlin. Even though he is far from being a Druid of the first category, let us not forget that it was he who protected Arthur de Pendragon!
Let’s go to the bad guys with Lancelot, Meleagant and King Lot. Former Arthur’s right-hand man, Lancelot eventually changed his rifle into a “knight-errant”. The latter no longer supports life in the castle and shows over the episodes an angry and ambitious character that one would not have suspected. It is after the rescue of Guinevere that Lancelot will definitely lose feet collaborating with Meleagant so To take revenge on Kaamelott and the king. And yet it is he again who will save Arthur from his suicide attempt by curing him by magic. Only true enemy of Arthur in the last seasons, one would like very much to see him confront him during the films. Will he find a little humanity or will he fall completely under the influence of Meleagant? Concerning King Loth, one confesses to having a certain affection for the most deceitful character of the series. His Latin tirades do not mean anything, as his plans to dethrone the Arthur always make us laugh, and we hope that the same will happen in the cinema.
We could go on for a long time as all the characters of Kaamelott are important and have lived the series. And we would like Astier Alexander the door all on the big screen of Venec to Guethenoc through those punctual as Dagonet lord played by Antoine de Caunes. With an end of Book VI so dramatic, the evolution of the characters of the series can only be interesting and we wait impatiently that the production begins! What characters are essential to the film?