Justice League: A more deadly batmobile than ever

The Batmobile has a new look for Justice League and it was Zack Snyder himself who unveiled it to fans of DC Comics!
DC Comics fans are looking ...

7 March, 2017
Samsung Galaxy: New photos of the S8 range land!

A user has just unveiled new photos of one of the most awaited smartphones of the moment: the Samsung Galaxy S8!
The days scroll and photos of the ...

3 March, 2017
We immortalized Barcelona with the camera of the Huawei P10, here are our best shots!

Barcelona hosted the MWC 2017. And since we sent a reporter there, we were able to immortalize the city with the Huawei P10 which is equipped with a ...

2 March, 2017
Beyonce, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd … Our Top People of February!

February was very eventful among the stars. Between the pregnancy of Beyoncé, the picture of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder or Selena Gomez, it is ...

1 March, 2017
Logan: What connections to other X-Men movies?

While Logan may be in his own time line, he does refer to other X-Men films. So what are his most important connections with them?
True, the last ...

1 March, 2017
Rob Kardashian happy thanks to Dream, he spends time with family

These last few weeks have not been easy for Rob Kardashian. But thanks to his daughter Dream and the support of his family, he gradually regains a ...

28 February, 2017
The P10 and P10 Plus from Huawei attract crowds, the joke of the Nokia 3310, the LG G6 as beautiful as an iPhone 7 … The recap of a Sunday at MWC 2017

The Huawei conference around the P10 and P10 Plus met with great success, Nokia destroyed our memories with its 3310 of 2017 and LG did as well as ...

27 February, 2017
Blac Chyna pregnant with Rob Kardashian? She answers !

According to the latest rumors, Blac Chyna would be pregnant with Rob Kardashian ... Is this true? Dream's mother answers in an original way!
The ...

22 February, 2017
Spider-Man Homecoming: The Costume of the Evil Shocker on a New Image

The costume of Shocker, one of the villains of Spider-Man Homecoming, has just been unveiled on a new footage.
For several months, superhero fans ...

22 February, 2017
Harry Styles without One Direction, what to expect in 2017?

Harry Styles is going to make the big jump this year by launching solo without the One Direction. Between music and cinema, the singer is teeming ...

21 February, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8: A photo unveils the flagship with the screen turned on

The Galaxy S8 is unveiled on a new photo. The opportunity to appreciate its borderless design and navigation buttons.
Unlike previous years, Samsung ...

21 February, 2017
IPhone 7 Plus: Billboard achieves its coverage with the smartphone

The iPhone 7 Plus is in the spotlight. The American magazine Billboard has decided to use Apple's smartphone to achieve its latest coverage. The ...

17 February, 2017
Bella Thorne close to Louis Tomlinson (One Direction)? She receives death threats

Bella Thorne was too close to Louis Tomlinson which did not please the fans of the singer who did not hesitate to threaten the actress!
It is not ...

16 February, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8: It will not be totally absent from MWC 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be presented at MWC 2017. This does not mean that it will be totally absent from the event.
It will take several more ...

16 February, 2017
Nokia 3310, Xperia XZ 2017, Galaxy S8 … These smartphones that will be discovered at MWC 2017

More than a few days before the beginning of MWC 2017. If this edition promises less promising than expected, very good smartphones will be unveiled. ...

15 February, 2017
Pacific Rim 2: A first look at the Jeagers

The Jeagers will return to the next Pacific Rim. The robots are displayed on a first preview!
Who says Pacific Rim says Jeagers, the famous giant ...

14 February, 2017
Blac Chyna unrecognizable on an old photo

Blac Chyna never ceases to surprise surfers! The young woman recently unveiled an old photo of her. Result? It is totally unrecognizable.
Lately, ...

13 February, 2017
Vikings season 4: Back on 5 key moments!

While waiting to know when the series will return, let's back on 5 key moments of the season 4 of Vikings!
Highlights! While we were wondering when ...

12 February, 2017
Rihanna hair green and purple, a new secret project soon unveiled?

But what is happening right now in Rihanna? Green hair, purple hair ... the star enchains the colors. Will she soon unveil her new secret project? ...

11 February, 2017
The Power Rangers: A new poster with the justiciers and Rita Repulsa

The Power Rangers are unveiled again with a new exclusive poster featuring Rita Repulsa.
The posters follow for our justiciers! And as the movie ...

11 February, 2017
Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian accomplices during the shooting of KUWTK

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian shoot the filming of The Incredible Kardashian Family! The sexy trio takes the job in a good mood ...
If recently ...

10 February, 2017
The reverse side of Marvel movies in pictures

Since the release of Iron Man in 2008, the feature films of the studio are raining and it works rather well. How is it, really? These photos give ...

9 February, 2017
Spider-Man Homecoming: A First Look at Iron Man’s Costume?

A first glimpse of Iron Man's costume in Spider-Man Homecoming would have been revealed lately?
Some studios use a rather original way to make talk ...

9 February, 2017
IPhone 8: Production will start sooner than expected

Ouloulou, Apple would have advanced its schedule regarding the iPhone 8. The headed smartphone would make its entry into production earlier than its ...

9 February, 2017
Shadowhunters season 2: Episode 6, Isabelle in very bad position, our critic!

While episode 6 of season 2 of Shadowhunters has just been broadcast on Freeform, back on the main lines of "Iron Sisters"!
An episode rich in ...

8 February, 2017
Switch: Make compatible GC controllers, Wiimote and Pad Pro is considered by Nintendo!

The big news of the day about the Switch and its possibilities!
While you could discover in video game all the possibilities that we offer the ...

8 February, 2017
Huawei Mate 9: You can soon zoom x10 with the phablette

The Huawei Mate 9 has not finished making you kiffer! Soon, it will allow you to zoom x10.
There are some days, the editorial 'of meltyStyle ...

7 February, 2017
Justice League: Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg ready to battle on new photo

Already full of mysteries, Justice League intrigues us even more with a new photo that appears a very strange place, and without Batman and The ...

6 February, 2017