The security of the royal visit cost the RCMP $ 2 million

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said it spent approximately $ 2 million on the security of the eight-day visit of the Duke and the Duchess ...

5 January, 2017
IPhone 8: A recharge (very) fast and a function entitled “Wattup”

According to some rumors, Apple should finally propose a quick recharge for its iPhone 8 as well as a mode called "Wattup"
While fast charging of ...

5 January, 2017
CES Las Vegas. 4 trends of the electronics trade fair

Top start of the 2017 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the professional electronics show that opens this Wednesday in Las Vegas. What ...

4 January, 2017
Shipwreck of the “Titanic”: and if the iceberg was not the only one responsible?

Before hitting an iceberg on the night of 14-15 April 1912, the "Titanic" would have been weakened by a fire. This is the theory of a documentary ...

3 January, 2017
Premier League: Arsenal back on the podium

Arsenal did not tremble in this 19th round of the Premier League, Crystal Palace's executioner at the Emirates this Sunday (2-0). Giroud put the ...

1 January, 2017
Justin Bieber nominated for the 2017 Grammy Awards, will he win all?

Named to the Grammy Awards 2017, singer Justin Bieber could well create surprise by winning the bet. We tell you more!
What do you mean? While you ...

29 December, 2016
NLP: A fan is putting themselves in danger for them!

While the PNL phenomenon continues its ascent, some fans do not know what to do to attract their attention ... The images!
NLP is clearly one of the ...

29 December, 2016
One Canadian among the most profitable players in 2016

It is the American actress Scarlett Johansson who arrives at the top of the classification Forbes 2016 of the most profitable film stars with 1.2 ...

29 December, 2016
Tribute to Carrie Fisher with some rare shootings of Star Wars

Because a picture is worth a thousand words ...
A great lady went to join the stars, hoping a little more appeased than in the saga of George Lucas. ...

28 December, 2016
The most chelous superpowers, the ones you’ll ever see at the movies

Alongside the Superman, Wolverine and other superheroes with badass powers, grooms cohabit with truly gifted gifts.
You know the chorus: no one is ...

28 December, 2016
The rain spoils a good start to the season for winter sports

The skiing and skating season had started well, but Monday's rain resulted in the closure of many winter outdoor facilities.

It is the ...

28 December, 2016
Justin Trudeau and Canadian actors pay tribute to Carrie Fisher

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canadian actors Dan Aykroyd and William Shatner paid tribute Tuesday Carrie Fisher, became famous for playing ...

28 December, 2016
Your New Year’s Eve party is sure to go in the ball if these characters are pointing

Whether they are nervous, provocative, unstable, big mythos or not in the mood, these people inevitably skid your evening. Above all, do not invite ...

27 December, 2016
Freezing rain expected Monday

Displacements could be difficult on Monday due to an accumulation of ice caused by a period of freezing rain, Environment Canada warned.

A warning ...

26 December, 2016
Teen Wolf Season 6: Did SPOILER die?

A character managed to get back into the real world but ended up very poorly in season 6 of Teen Wolf. Is he dead ?
Recently, we showed you a sneak ...

25 December, 2016
Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) in critical condition, his brother speaks

As the star came back from London, Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack as the plane approached Los Angeles ... A big shock for the fans of the ...

24 December, 2016
Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian: Kris Jenner unveils an adorable photo for Christmas

While 2016 was very hectic and very stressful for the family Kardashian / Jenner, as evidenced by our recap 'of the highlights of the year , Kris ...

24 December, 2016
Star Wars Rogue One: The secret link of the movie with Episode IV

Among all the winks made to the saga, Star Wars: Rogue One establishes a secret link with A New Hope that you may not have spotted. Warning spoilers, ...

20 December, 2016
Jul: Ovni Tour in Marseille, he is proud to have played at home

When Jul plays in Marseille, it's bound to fire! Ému, the rapper even left a beautiful post-concert message.
After putting fire to the plateau d'Or ...

19 December, 2016
Miss France 2017: A big controversy breaks out

The election of Miss France knows its first big controversy. We'll explain everything!

We just learned, Miss France 2017 Miss Guyana, Alicia ...

18 December, 2016
Kim Kardashian attacked in Paris, she sends a scathing message to her robbers!

Following his terrible aggression in Paris, Kim Kardashian decided to stop being silent. The reality TV star now has a scathing message to get ...

17 December, 2016
Polar cold on Quebec Friday

A polar cold settled throughout the province on Friday and extreme cold warnings were issued for several regions by Environment Canada.
Friday ...

17 December, 2016
Police intervention at Cannabis Culture, owner arrested

(Montreal) The illegal sale of marijuana Cannabis Culture, opened in great pomp Thursday in Montreal, will have challenged the authorities for only ...

17 December, 2016
Black M: French Kiss, he went behind the camera in her new video

Black M is back with the video for "French Kiss." This time, the rapper decided to step behind the camera to make you live the story in his own way. ...

16 December, 2016
Celine Dion unveils niaiseuse selection of songs ideal for Christmas

PLAYLIST - Quebec singer loop a complicated year on a personal level, but successful from a professional point of view. On social networks, and wide ...

15 December, 2016
The fugitive Pierre-Janet arrested in Montreal

The prisoner who had escaped from the Centre hospitalier Pierre-Janet (PJHC) of Gatineau in early has been arrested in the Montreal area.

The ...

15 December, 2016
EnjoyPhoenix: What could she do after YouTube?

EnjoyPhoenix announced it will stop YouTube. However, what could she do after his career YouTuber? The list can be long!

All fans were in shock ...

14 December, 2016
Barely a dozen people participated in the initiative of Universite Laval

Two months after the attacks on homes, barely a dozen people participated Monday in the public consultation on sexual violence at Laval University. ...

14 December, 2016