Honor 8 Pro: 3 good reasons to crack for Honor’s new smartphone!

Formalized on April 5, the Honor 8 Pro has many qualities. MeltyStyle gives you 3 good reasons to buy it
In recent months, Honor has taken another ...

13 April, 2017
Samsung Galaxy X: Soon prototypes with a dual screen OLED foldable?

The "Project Valley" or Galaxy X is beginning to materialize. 2000 to 3000 prototypes with dual screen OLED would be tested by the second half of the ...

12 April, 2017
Sony XPERIA XA: On sale, it goes below 200 euros!

Introduced as the most affordable smartphone in Sony's Xperia X range, the Xperia XA saw its price fall to finally fall below 200 euros! Here is a ...

12 April, 2017
IPad 2017: 3 reasons to buy the cheapest tablet from Apple

The first iPad 2017 will impress you. Apple's new tablet is full of fun features. And here are 3 things that will push you to shopper the last headed ...

12 April, 2017
IPhone 7 (PRODUCT) Red: 128 and 256 GB versions get a nice promotion!

The iPhone 7 went to Red and at meltyStyle, we kiffe. If you want to shopper the latest Apple smartphone, here is a buying guide to have its version ...

12 April, 2017
Elephone: The borderless smartphone inspired by the Xiaomi Mi Mix has leaked!

The fashion of the borderless is just beginning! Elephone would work on a smartphone with an optimized size-screen ratio, which has just leaked. ...

12 April, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7: Available for purchase under 400 euros on an e-commerce site

Despite the release of the Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S7 remains a very good smartphone. And today, the former Korean flagship sees its price fall ...

12 April, 2017
Despite the release of the Watch 2, the director of Huawei skimmed the watches connected!

This is probably the dump of the week. At a Huawei conference, one of the directors of the Chinese giant explained that he did not see the interest ...

12 April, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7: Thanks to Android 7.0, it becomes the right plan of the year

Voted the best Android smartphone in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy S7 always has a say. Thanks to the Android 7.0 update, it could downright take ...

12 April, 2017
IPhone 7 (PRODUCT) Red, iPad 2017 … The real-fake strategic revolution of Apple!

With the iPhone 7 red and the first iPad of 2017, Apple surprised everyone. Instead of launching its products in great pomp in its famous Keynote, ...

11 April, 2017
Nokia 9: Price, release date … We know all about the future competitor of the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8!

After the new Nokia 3310, the Finnish group is expected to market a Nokia 9 soon. The price and features of this smartphone, the release of which ...

11 April, 2017
Google Pixel 2: LG could provide flexible OLED screens

Google would have offered LG to provide it with flexible OLED screens. They would allow Pixel 2 to have curved edges.
A few hours ago, meltyStyle ...

10 April, 2017
OnePlus 5: Features of egg for less than $ 500?

The features of the OnePlus 5 have just leaked. In the Snapdragon 835 program, 8 GB of RAM and borderless design.
On March 24th, OnePlus declined ...

10 April, 2017
Good Plan: How to shoot the Honor 8 Premium at 319 euros!

It's time to shoot the Honor 8 Premium! Thanks to the Darty promo and the Honor refund offer, you can shopper it for 319 euros.
Last week, ...

10 April, 2017
An iPhone 7 explodes (again) in China, fault the battery?

New explosion of an iPhone 7 in China! According to the employee of an Apple Store, the battery would be responsible.
A few weeks ago, meltyStyle ...

7 April, 2017
IPhone 8: Samsung Display, future supplier of its OLED panel?

Even if Samsung and Apple are real competitors, the two giants have always known how to cohabit together. So much so that the Korean giant could ...

6 April, 2017
Galaxy S8 +: Faced with demand, Samsung will increase the production of its smartphone

The Galaxy S8 + is not yet released but it is already a cardboard! According to The Investor, Samsung would have decided to increase its production. ...

6 April, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6: A picture taken with the future flagship has leaked!

The Xiaomi Mi 6 continues to make talk about it! This time, it's a picture apparently taken with the flagship that made its appearance.
A few hours ...

6 April, 2017
The iPhone 8 might come out later than the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus

Highly anticipated, the iPhone 8 would eventually come out later than expected. According to the latest rumor, one would have to wait until October ...

6 April, 2017
A day with the Huawei Watch 2, the connected watch that is independent of the smartphone

The Huawei Watch 2 is finally available for purchase. We had the chance to test this connected watch, in preview and here are our impressions.
11h ...

5 April, 2017
Good Plan: The Asus Zenfone Black 4G is available at less than 100 euros!

The Asus Zenfone Black 4G is available at a discount on Cdiscount! You can shopper it for less than 100 euros.
A few hours ago, meltyStyle confided ...

5 April, 2017
The iPhone 8 will be worth less than 1000 dollars, according to an analyst

The iPhone 8 would not exceed the $ 1,000 mark. According to one analyst, it would be worth between 850 and 900 euros.
To celebrate the 10th ...

5 April, 2017
Moto X 2017: The smartphone unveiled in the manufacturer’s birthday video!

The Moto X 2017 has (yet) leaked! But this time, it is Motorola that is at the origin of the image unveiled. Discover the video posted by the ...

5 April, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8 +: A special edition will be released in South Korea

A special edition of the Galaxy S8 + will be released in South Korea. Its memory and storage capacity will be optimized.
A few hours ago, ...

5 April, 2017
Good Plan: The Asus Zenfone 3 Max is available at 170 euros!

The Zenfone 3 Max is available at a bargain price at Rue du Commerce! You can shopper it for 170 euros only.
Last week, meltyStyle told you that ...

4 April, 2017
IPhone 8: Apple would have ordered 70 million OLED screens to Samsung

Apple began to prepare for the release of its iPhone 8. According to Nikkei, the company would have ordered 70 million OLED screens to Samsung.
Now ...

4 April, 2017
Meizu Pro 7: A photo unveils its curved screen!

The Meizu Pro 7 reveals itself in a leaked photo! The opportunity to appreciate its elegant design and its curved borders.
A few hours ago, ...

4 April, 2017
Tip: OnePlus 3T is one of the best in the world.

We no longer present the OnePlus 3. Very convincing, the smartphone has a small discount. Officially sold at 439 euros, it is available at less than ...

4 April, 2017