Donald Trump, dream candidate for the Islamic State?

The foreign policy of Donald Trump is so "disastrous" and "dangerous" even it would benefit the Islamic State recruiters, experts in international ...

8 November, 2016
Donald Trump and the “normalization” of Islamophobia

As part of the campaign, Libération wonders of US citizens. Today Sayedahmed Dina, a young student of Muslim faith, discusses the impact of the ...

7 November, 2016
Donald Trump evacuated open meeting: “People looked at me like a demon”

The Republican candidate for the White House was evacuated promptly scene Saturday night at a rally in Nevada, after a false alarm indicating the ...

6 November, 2016
Russians choose Donald Trump, “peace candidate”

Hillary Clinton ridiculed in the media close to the government, did the Kremlin resentment fresh to her.

For Russia , the US presidential ...

5 November, 2016
Clinton and Trump Florida to woo voters

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continued their fierce campaign Saturday in Florida, a key state that the Republican billionaire must absolutely win ...

5 November, 2016