Breast cancer screening: a device to thoroughly review

In view of the breast cancer screening failures in France, a recent report by the National Cancer Institute recommends an overhaul of the health ...

20 November, 2016
Reproductive Health – Vasectomy among young fathers

Young fathers engage in vasectomy. Some testify to their experiences.

This is the thirty two men decided to stop forever their chance to be the ...

20 November, 2016
Lung transplantation: a technique for doubling the storage time

Through conservation technique, the lungs can be kept 6 hours. A longer delay that does not affect the quality of the graft.

Today, lung ...

20 November, 2016
Personalized medicine: the innovative way to treat cancer.

Pills in shape of DNA strandCancer is a disease whose prevalence is worrying and for which treatment is often difficult and inefficient. One cause of ...

20 November, 2016
Thingamaboob campaign for breast cancer

Breast cancer surgery scars by partial mastectomy. With effect filter.MONTREAL - As Christmas approaches, the campaign "Thingamaboob" of the Canadian ...

20 November, 2016
Health: an experimental pill against malaria

An experimental pill that can remain in the stomach for several weeks gradually diffuse a drug, should overcome the difficulty of taking a daily ...

20 November, 2016
Zika virus is no longer a “global public health emergency,” according to WHO

The World Health Organization announced Friday that Zika virus, linked to serious brain abnormalities in infants , was no longer a "public health ...

19 November, 2016
The number of people affected by high blood pressure in the world has doubled in 40 years

It is characterized by abnormal blood pressure on the artery wall. The tension increases under stress and practice of physical exertion. In people ...

19 November, 2016
Common Front pharmacists to criticize Barrette

Four major associations representing pharmacists and chains and banners of the industry unite for once their voices to denounce "the unilateral ...

16 November, 2016
Zika and travel to the sun: advice for pregnant women

You are pregnant or plan to become and you want to go to a sunny destination this winter?

Zika virus, present in the Caribbean, is the origin of ...

16 November, 2016
Some people infected with Ebola do not have symptoms

Fourteen people infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone have not been sick, researchers have discovered, almost a year after the end of the most virulent ...

16 November, 2016
On the trail of a universal vaccine against influenza

The effectiveness of vaccines against influenza varies widely from year to year because of the incredible ability of influenza virus to evade immune ...

16 November, 2016
I have diabetes and I live better: here’s how!

Diabetes is the most common chronic disease affecting about 3.5 million people in France and 422 million worldwide. This is also a "major killers in ...

14 November, 2016
Diabetes: an online test to identify predispositions

The International Diabetes Federation offers an online test. She hopes that one million people will be tested.

Despite the advancement of ...

14 November, 2016
Sport and diet before pregnancy were unnecessary, wrongly, 32% of French

20-40 years, parents or wanting to have children, see pregnancy as a time of worry, but a source of joy. Odoxa a study for Le Grand Forum Toddlers, ...

10 November, 2016
Pregnant at 16, she stopped her treatments against cancer

Australian 16 year old girl pregnant and suffering from terminal cancer decided to stop his treatments in order to carry her pregnancy to term.

10 November, 2016
No more lung cancer surgery in Drummondville

The Drummondville patients with lung cancer will now have to go to Trois-Rivières for surgery.

The Regional Hospital of Trois-Rivières is the only ...

10 November, 2016
62 Quebecers infected Zika

Sixty-two Quebecers were infected by Zika virus during a trip abroad since the beginning of the year, but these figures are only the "tip of the ...

10 November, 2016
Too low a diet during pregnancy is bad for baby’s heart

Researchers have discovered that a restricted diet during pregnancy can affect the rate of aging of the fetal heart later in life. It will be more ...

10 November, 2016
Winnipeg: a researcher may have been exposed to Ebola

A researcher from a Canadian laboratory specializes in foreign animal disease has potentially been "exposed" to the Ebola virus, said Tuesday health ...

8 November, 2016
Male contraception: a nasal spray in 2021

Male contraception is at hand. A British team says it will be available in 2021.

The list of effective contraception is long. But it relates ...

7 November, 2016
Colon cancer: take 5 minutes to detect

Second deadliest cancer, colon cancer yet cured in 9 cases out of 10 if detected at an early stage. The National Cancer Institute (INCA) is launching ...

7 November, 2016