Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 9, Tonight Scott will remember every detail to save Stiles!

Tonight, in episode 9 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Scott will have a new plan that could bring back his BFF, Stiles, for good.
If we thought the Ghost ...

24 January, 2017
The Vampire Diaries season 8: Episode 10, two cult characters back on the promo pictures of “Nostalgia’s A Bitch”

The episode 10 episodes of The Vampire Diaries season 8 were unveiled and surprise: they reveal the return of two cult characters!
Friday night, the ...

24 January, 2017
The Flash Season 3: Episode 10, tonight Barry is fighting for the future of Iris!

Tonight, Barry will fight for Iris to escape his tragic fate in Season 3 episode 10 of The Flash but could cause other problems!
Season 3 of The ...

24 January, 2017
The Walking Dead season 7: Less violence following criticism? Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple answer!

Is Season 7 of The Walking Dead less violent than expected? Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple explain.
Geez, even during his winter break, the show ...

24 January, 2017
Arrow, Iron Fist, Powerless, The Flash, Legion … The series of superheroes expected in 2017!

The New Year has been going on for over three weeks and many superheroes are about to invade our screens! A short overview of these series in 2017. ...

24 January, 2017
The Flash and Supergirl: Darren Criss (Glee) joins the musical crossover!

The musical crossover The Flash x Supergirl becomes clearer ... and we love it! Darren Criss joins her boyfriends Glee for the occasion.
"A dream ...

24 January, 2017
Vikings season 4: Episode 19, what’s going to happen?

The end is coming ... Episode 19 of season 4 of Vikings will air tomorrow night. But what is going to happen? Warning, spoilers!
Only two more ...

24 January, 2017
Orange is the New Black season 5: After Nabilla, which guest stars in the series?

Nabilla arrives in season 5 of Orange Is the New Black. A news that made the Web shake! But suddenly we asked ourselves: what guest stars could ...

24 January, 2017
Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Will Emily and Alison End Together? Shay Mitchell answers!

Shay Mitchell spoke about the end of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars and the possibility that Alison and Emily will end up together.
This and April ...

24 January, 2017
Clem Season 7: Can Clem save her love story against Charlotte next week on TF1?

While Clem has just finished on TF1, immediately discover what awaits you next week in the last episode of the season!
A duel at the top? And yes ...

24 January, 2017
Vikings season 5: Who will be the new enemies of our warriors?

As the release of Season 4 of Vikings comes to an end, find out who will be the new enemies of our warriors in Season 5!
New heroes - new rivals! As ...

24 January, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 10, Arizona, Bailey and Jo under pressure in a new extract of the premier winter

A new episode of episode 10 of season 13 of Gray's Anatomy was unveiled and it is to be discovered without delay.
Thursday night, Grey's Anatomy is ...

24 January, 2017
The 100 Season 4: Fill up with unreleased images and revelations with an explosive featurette!

A featurette of season 4 of The 100 was unveiled and it allows us to discover new images and crisp revelations.
It is next Wednesday as The 100 will ...

24 January, 2017
Jurassic World 2: Daniella Pineda (The Originals) joins the cast

The cast of Jurassic World has just expanded with the arrival of Daniella Pineda who makes her debut here at the cinema.
Welcome to The Team! Bryce ...

24 January, 2017
La Land: 14 Oscar nominations, a new record for the film

Nothing seems to stand on the road to La La Land which has just won no fewer than 14 nominations for the Oscars 2017.
As so aptly one of the songs ...

24 January, 2017
Star Wars 8: What could the title mean for the Jedi and the dark side of the Force?

If Luke is the last Jedi mentioned by the title of Star Wars 8, what consequences could this have on the future of the Jedi order and on the dark ...

24 January, 2017
Oscars 2017: The list of nominees unveiled

The moment you waited so much is finally there, the list of nominees for the Oscars 2017 was unveiled!
It is an event followed throughout the world ...

24 January, 2017
The best zombie movies, those that prepare you to approach the Apocalypse OKLM

Yeah yeah, if a zombie attack decimates your neighborhood tomorrow, you will not stutter in Yugoslavia thanks to all these movies ...
"If you want ...

24 January, 2017
The Circle, Conjuring, Paranormal Activity … The franchises that most freaked us

Samara will be back soon to the movies in Rings, the opportunity for us to come back to the franchises that made us flipper at the movies!
Horror ...

24 January, 2017
This is the list of the most cumbersome films of the year, those who claim to one (or more) Razzie Awards

The Oscars? Not know. All these bad movies will try to catch a Razzie Award next month ...
Decidedly, 2016 was a beautiful year of shit. Even ...

24 January, 2017
Do not say “Oh yeah, you bet how much?” To these movie characters

Already with a friend a little proud, you do not know when or how it will end. But then with them, hooks to bets, you launch yourself into something ...

24 January, 2017
Ocean’s 8: Katie Holmes joins the cast

The cast of the film Ocean's 8 keeps growing and Katie Holmes is the latest actress to join a group already very glamorous!
They are no longer ...

24 January, 2017
Star Wars 8: What if Kylo Ren was the last Jedi?

Who is the last Jedi Star Wars 8? We obviously immediately thought of Luke and / or Rey. But we forgot a third possible suitor, namely Kylo Ren ... ...

24 January, 2017
Deadpool 2: The fans imagine Pierce Brosnan in Cable or Mr Sinister!

Will Pierce Brosnan play Cable or Mr Sinister in Deadpool 2? Meanwhile, fans imagine what the actor could give in these roles!
It's a bit of a photo ...

24 January, 2017
Star Wars 8: Luke Skywalker or Rey, who is the Last Jedi?

And now we know that Star Wars 8 will be called The Last Jedi. As a result, one wonders: to whom does the title refer? To Luke Skywalker or Rey? ...

24 January, 2017
Homeland Season 6: Episode 3, what’s going to happen?

A few hours after the second episode of Homeland Season 6, we are already wondering what will happen next week in episode 3.
Last night, Showtime ...

23 January, 2017
Quantico Season 2: Episode 9 Tonight, what’s going to happen?

Tonight, season 2 of Quantico will finally return on our screens. What will happen in episode 9 entitled "CLEOPATRA"? It's time to discover all the ...

23 January, 2017
How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Episode 10, Annalises in prison and at the lowest in an excerpt of the premier winter!

J-3 before the release of Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, of which you can already discover an excerpt!
There are only a few days to wait ...

23 January, 2017