The HTC One M9 is displayed at less than 300 euros on Rue du Commerce!

Want to shopper an HTC smartphone without blowing up your budget? The HTC One M9 is available at 299 euros on Rue du Commerce!
Last week, HTC has ...

16 January, 2017
Huawei Mate 9: A special version expected for February

The Huawei Mate 9, a real success in the world, is about to release a special version that will be released next February!
Next Thursday opens the ...

16 January, 2017
LG G6: A lower selling price than the LG G5?

The LG G6 continues to talk about it! It should be cheaper to manufacture than the LG G5, and therefore less costly to its output.
If LG prepares to ...

16 January, 2017
Honor 8, Apple, Louane … We redid the world with Yan Liu, deputy director of Honor France

On the occasion of the presentation of Honor 6X, we had the opportunity to interview Yan Liu, the deputy director of Honor France. We had the ...

16 January, 2017
Good Plan: The Huawei P9 Plus is available at less than 500 euros at Darty!

The Huawei P9 Plus is being sold on the Darty website. You can shopper it for 499 euros, a reduction of 29%.
There are some days, meltyStyle ...

16 January, 2017
Android: Its creator would arrive with a new smartphone

Andy Rubin, known for creating Android at Google, should make a comeback. The former vice president of engineering for the Mountain View firm is set ...

15 January, 2017
Honor 8: Android 7.0 Nougat arrives on January 16

Since its arrival in the summer of 2016, the Honor 8 was still waiting for Android 7.0 Nougat. This will be done on January 16th when the update ...

15 January, 2017
Good Plan: The Samsung Galaxy J3 under 150 euros!

Looking for an entry-level smarphone for a small price? The Samsung Galaxy J3 is available for less than 150 euros!

Obtaining a smartphone ...

29 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S8: Wireless headphones with smartphone?

Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 be released at the same time as new Samsung wireless headphones? A rumor seems to affirm!

Samsung will adopt the ...

29 December, 2016
Xiaomi would work on a Redmi Note 4X, declination of Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi should present a Redmi Note 4X, an updated version of its phablette. Its characteristics have just leaked.
Earlier in the day, meltyStyle ...

28 December, 2016
Xiaomi Mi 6: A presentation on February 14th?

A teaser for the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 6 has just appeared on Weibo. The date of 14 February is mentioned.
Last weekend, Xiaomi has ...

26 December, 2016
The LG G6 could come out sooner than expected

The LG G6 should be presented to the MWC before being marketed in the wake. The Taiwanese manufacturer would thus be ahead of its competitors.
LG ...

26 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S8: Google may delay release due to disagreement

The Samsung Galaxy S8 late due to a disagreement with the Google firm? This is one of the rumors of the day that concerns the Android operating ...

24 December, 2016
Honor 8: A lot of new features with Android Nougat in February

The Honor 8 is probably one of the most popular phones this year. The latter should welcome Android Nougat and a bunch of novelties in February! ...

23 December, 2016
The Huawei P10 could benefit from a wireless charging system

The Huawei P10 is leaked again on Weibo. According to rumors, he would benefit from a wireless charging system, in addition to having a curved ...

23 December, 2016
IPhone 7: You will probably lose your phone before the release of 8

According to a recent study, the chances that you break your phone before the release of a new model is more than problem: the iPhone 7 will not be ...

21 December, 2016
Sony sees things big with its compact camera Cyber-shot HX350

Panoramic landscapes, exotic wildlife and family portraits: nothing escapes the super zoom of the Sony Cyber-shot HX350 camera. And meltyStyle tells ...

20 December, 2016
IPhone 7 Plus: To recharge it, take your half-day

The iPhone 7 Plus takes a long time to recharge! For it to be 100%, it must be left connected for almost 3 hours.
The last weekend, meltyStyle drew ...

20 December, 2016
IPhone 8: Nearly 100 million OLED screens signed Samsung?

The iPhone 8 OLED screen is confirmed. Apple would have ordered 100 million units to Samsung Display.
In 2017, the iPhone will celebrate its tenth ...

19 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The reason for the explosions has finally been found!

The outcome of the Galaxy Note 7 case is near! Samsung finally found the reason for the explosions of his phablette.
The end of the year was ...

19 December, 2016
IPhone 7 Plus: One week with the smartphone 5.5 inches!

It's been a week since the iPhone 7 Plus arrived at the editorial office! MeltyStyle offers a review of these few days spent with Apple's smartphone. ...

18 December, 2016
Honor offers you a contest to win a Smart Fortwo, with the purchase of a smartphone

Honor never ceases to regale us. For Christmas, the subsidiary of Huawei offers you the opportunity to win a Smart Fortwo. To do this, simply buy a ...

17 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7: The possibility to hide his photos, videos or secret files?

And if one of the popular functions of the Galaxy Note 7 was available for the Samsung Galaxy S7? This possibility is already mentioned!
The Samsung ...

17 December, 2016
Huawei unveils Honor Magic, a smartphone as attractive as the Honor 8

Honor the Magic just point the tip of his shell in China. Discover the features of the latest smartphone from Huawei.
Formalized during the summer, ...

16 December, 2016
Lenovo Moto M: The smartphone within 300 euros coming to Europe!

The Lenovo Moto M just made its arrival in Europe, especially in Slovakia. A step towards formalization in France?
In early November, Lenovo has ...

16 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7: The phone dropped below 500 euros thanks to this reduction

Want to nab the Samsung Galaxy S7? Good news: the phone is back below the 500 euros!

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S7, it's a bit like a ...

16 December, 2016
Best: The Honor 5C is on promotion!

A smartphone cheap and quality, impossible? The Honor 5C is discounted and you prove otherwise!
We always have the opportunity to equip a smartphone ...

15 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7: Who offer the phone for Christmas?

You do not know who to offer the Samsung Galaxy S7 for Christmas?Style advise you in your choice!
When making your Christmas presents, you hesitate ...

14 December, 2016