Underworld 5: Theo James (David) explains the evolution of his character

Theo James, who plays David in the saga Underworld, has returned to the evolution of his character on the occasion of the release of the fifth ...

7 January, 2017
Justice League: A character from Aquaman confirmed in an important role

The superheroes will not miss in the film Justice League, it is confirmed that one of the characters of the film Aquaman will make its first ...

4 January, 2017
Do you have the impression that an actor often dies on screen? Mate if he is in this ranking

We have already all reflected: "I wonder how many times this actor bursts in his roles." And bah a guy counted and swung a chart.

The example ...

3 January, 2017
And if the “Rogue One” posters made by the fans were more beautiful than the official one?

The first spin-off of the Star Wars saga is cartoon in every way, financial and artistic. Speaking of art, precisely, here are the most beautiful ...

3 January, 2017
Alien Covenant: What links with Prometheus?

Alien Covenant will be the occasion for Ridley Scott to expand the universe of this franchise existing since 79. But what links will the film have ...

3 January, 2017
These movies are out there 20 years ago, the cow how fast it goes

It is often said that years pass by at an incredible speed, and that is true. Proof is, it is already two decades that we speak (in good) of these ...

2 January, 2017
These actors and actresses in the poster in 2017 are they “pistonne”?

Among the films already announced for 2017, we find some names of actors who tell us something. Would it be a member of the other's family, the known ...

2 January, 2017
Kaamelott: Why do we say yes to a film

Fans have been waiting for years for the Kaamelott sequel on the big screen. That's why we say yes to a movie right away!

It seems that the ...

2 January, 2017
Baywatch with Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson: Release date unveiled

You are waiting for the release of the movie Baywatch with Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson? Good news ! His date was unveiled.
If you missed an ...

30 December, 2016
The families of these characters must get on well at Christmas

Even the most avaricious then make efforts to open the wallet a little. And given the financial means of these characters, you can negotiate things a ...

26 December, 2016
Jurassic World 2: Juan Antonio Bayona “You want more in the end!”

Juan Antonio Bayona, who will lead the next Jurassic World, assures the future spectators: they will want more at the end!
While Juan Antonio Bayona ...

26 December, 2016
You have to see these things in a Christmas movie

You know very well what is waiting for you in the next few days. Always the same films, year after year. And you even know what's inside. If so, ...

24 December, 2016
You get annoyed at the end of the film and you are not talking about the same

It's kind of the thing that changes everything so it's better to know if you're talking about the same as your buddy. Serious? Yes, these films show ...

23 December, 2016
The films of X-Men still have a sacred reservoir of female characters

The adaptations of Marvel are linked and the vein is not ready to stop. Especially for the actresses, given the number of female characters that ...

22 December, 2016
Assassin’s Creed, The Movie: How to Understand the Movie Without Playing Games?

You want to see the movie Assassin's Creed but do not know anything about games? Small catch-up session in this article!
Today released the first ...

21 December, 2016
Fiction, this fabulous way to bring together a human and alien OKLM

"Come on, we brainstorm, we swing ideas, no limit guys!" This is how these movies and series got there.
Guys who say with a knowing that "truth is ...

21 December, 2016
Assassin’s Creed, the movie: The 3 moments that fans will kiffer

Assassin's Creed is now on our screens and here are the 3 moments that fans of the franchise will love!
Assassin's Creed has just come out on our ...

21 December, 2016
Like you and me, these actors wanted to be singers in fact

One might think that playing comedy is the best. The absolute dream. And well doubt is allowed when you see the number of actors who do everything to ...

20 December, 2016
If kids meet these actors in Santa Claus, it will be the last Christmas party they will want to celebrate

We all already wanted to make a little believe that Papa Noel is actually a villain. In case it would make him want to celebrate Christmas. With ...

20 December, 2016
Between Anna Todd: The sequel to the saga After arrives in bookstores!

The big day has finally arrived. After following the saga to life on Thursday, November 3rd. The new novel by Anna Todd, "Between" today arrives in ...

15 November, 2016