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Vikings season 5: Focus on the new characters of the next episodes

Little by little, the information about season 5 of Vikings reach us! Find out who will be the new characters of the next episodes!
Fresh blood! ...

24 February, 2017
Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Hanna and Caleb, three reasons that prove that the couple is endgame!

While Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars will be back on April 18, here are three reasons that Hanna and Caleb are endgame!
It's almost the end ! And ...

13 February, 2017
Vikings season 4: Back on 5 key moments!

While waiting to know when the series will return, let's back on 5 key moments of the season 4 of Vikings!
Highlights! While we were wondering when ...

12 February, 2017
Scandal Season 6: Could Jake be the one who killed SPOILER?

Season 6 of Scandal has barely begun that a victim is already to be deplored. Can Jake Ballard be responsible for the death of this character? ...

7 February, 2017
Clem season 8: Mathieu Spinosi (Julien) returns on his departure of the series!

While Clem's season 8 is highly anticipated by the fans, talented Mathieu Spinosi (Julien) took advantage of an interview with the magazine Télé 7 ...

6 February, 2017
Vikings season 4: Deaths of SPOILERS, new character and end of the series, the creator says it all!

Michael Hirst, the creator of Vikings, tells us more about the deaths of SPOILERS, about the new character and about the end of the series!
He says ...

5 February, 2017
Vikings season 5: 5 things to remember from the promo video!

While we have just discovered a first video promo for season 5 of Vikings, here are the 5 things to remember!
That promises to be heavy! While we ...

4 February, 2017
Clem season 8: The future of Adrian and Alyzee threatened? Agustin Galiana tease the sequel!

While Clem's Season 8 will not air until the spring of 2018, Agustin Galiana took the opportunity to talk with PureBreak about Adrian's future.
Will ...

3 February, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 11, good news for Diggle and the Team, our review

While Felicity tried to help John, Oliver left on the trail of a new Black Canary in episode 11 of Arrow's season 5. Discover our review of "Second ...

2 February, 2017
Clem Season 7: Episode 5 Tonight is already the end on TF1!

While Episode 5 of Season 7 of Clem will mark the end of this new chapter, return on the events that will rhythm "My mother-in-law is called Clem"! ...

30 January, 2017
Vikings season 5: We know more about the character of Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Season 5 of Vikings will be marked by the arrival of a new character, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, on which we learn more!
While the battle ...

28 January, 2017
Suits Season 6: Episode 11, Harvey and Louis try to accept the departure of Jessica, our critic!

While episode 11 of season 6 of Suits has just been broadcast on USA, let us return together on the main events that marked "PSL"!
Time to choose! ...

27 January, 2017
Vikings season 5: Who will be the new enemies of our warriors?

As the release of Season 4 of Vikings comes to an end, find out who will be the new enemies of our warriors in Season 5!
New heroes - new rivals! As ...

24 January, 2017
Clem Season 7: Episode 4 Tonight, Clem tries his luck with Stephane!

While episode 4 of season 7 of Clem will be broadcast tonight on TF1, back on the main lines of an episode as moving as dramatic!
Can Clem fall back ...

23 January, 2017
Vikings season 5: What place for Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the series?

While the role of actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was unveiled for season 5 of Vikings, one wonders about its importance in the show of History.
A ...

14 January, 2017
Supergirl, The Walking Dead, Shadowhunters, The Flash: Top 8 scenes you’ll never get tired of watching!

While most of the series are still in the winter break, Melty's editorial has been wanting to go back over all the scenes that have marked us over ...

11 January, 2017
Vikings season 5: The role of Jonathan Rhys Meyers unveiled with a first photo!

While the shooting of season 5 of Vikings continues, the role of Jonathan Rhys Meyers has just been unveiled with a first photo!

Who will it be? ...

9 January, 2017
Homeland Season 6: Why did not the scriptwriters kill SPOILER?

A character from Homeland almost died in season 5. Find out why he's still in season 6!
Season 6 of Homeland officially begins January 15 on ...

7 January, 2017
Clem Season 7: Clem and Jerome separate, what will happen for Valentin and Emma?

While the sequel of Season 7 of Clem will be broadcast next Monday on TF1, what will happen to the children of Clem and Jerome if they ever separate? ...

5 January, 2017
The Vampire Diaries, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Supergirl: The good resolutions of the characters of series!

As the end of the year approaches, Melty's editor wondered if our favorite series characters had decided to make good resolutions. Here is what they ...

31 December, 2016
Arrow Season 5: Episode 9 (SPOILER) back, our criticism of the final mid-season!

While the episode 9 of season 5 of Arrow just been aired on the CW, return to the main events in "What We Leave Behind", the mid-season finale!

8 December, 2016
Arrow, The Flash, LoT, Supergirl: Episode 8 Sara and Oliver say goodbye to Laurel, our criticism of the 3rd part of the crossover!

The third part of the crossover Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl has been aired on the CW, back on the 100th episode of Oliver ...

1 December, 2016