Battlefield 1: The huge extended last autumn Day!

EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield 1 would be spoiled during the month of November. They prove today by deploying a huge update.

For ...

17 November, 2016
Microsoft partners with the Linux Foundation

The new romance between Microsoft and Linux push the software giant to join the Linux Foundation.

15 years ago, Steve Ballmer, then Microsoft CEO, ...

17 November, 2016
Oops: the price of the Nintendo Switch accidentally revealed

The price of the next Nintendo console, the "Switch", was revealed by accident on a store online store.

Toys R Us Canada have accidentally added ...

17 November, 2016
Chinese spyware found in thousands of Android smartphones

Spyware was installed natively by the Chinese company AdUps over 700 million Android devices to collect data of their users.
The IMEI number, SMS ...

16 November, 2016
PS4 Pro: Square Enix optimize its games for the new console

With the release of the new Pro PS4 console, Square Enix announced a big wave of upgrade.
The release of the PS4 pro last week has led many ...

16 November, 2016
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Edition Game of the Year available on PS4 Pro

Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the release of version PS4 Pro Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor with a trailer to ...

16 November, 2016
Pokemon Sun & Moon: Munchlax, Amphinobi, Magearna … These Pokemon distributed with the game

While Pokemon Sun and Moon games come out in a few days, we reported on the Pokemon offered bonuses with titles.
Only a few days before the European ...

16 November, 2016
Nintendo Switch: EA promises the arrival of a headline on the new console

While Nintendo Switch released in a few months, EA Games has already announced its willingness to invest the console.
It is the financial manager of ...

16 November, 2016
Final Fantasy XV: The PS4 versions Pro / PS4 / Xbox One video comparison

We were able to present the Judgment demo of Final Fantasy XV on PS4 Pro LIVE. But what is it worth visually on Xbox One and PS4? A video you can see ...

15 November, 2016
Smartphone: When Spotify shortens life expectancy hard drives

UG - After a virus problem appeared early October, Spotify is facing a new problem: a problem of computer software to cause serious damage to the ...

15 November, 2016
Rayman 2: The test along with Corvo & Emily

Dishonored 2 is it the worthy sequel masterpiece that was the first? Discover our test here.

Remember 2012 and failing to attend the end of the ...

15 November, 2016
Pokemon Go: Birth and death of the game in 2016?

While some expect the total death Pokemon Go in the coming weeks, Niantic Labs for his part defends his colt phenomenon as it should.

The mobile ...

15 November, 2016
Hearthstone: The first 64 cards Hands Over Gadgetzan

Almost half of the cards of the future extension Hearthstone were unveiled.
It was during the BlizzCon 2016 that developers Hearthstone have ...

15 November, 2016
Playstation VR: The Martian arrives tomorrow

Relive the thrills of Ridley Scott film in augmented reality thanks to the game dedicated to him

Science fiction fans rejoice, the planet Mars is ...

15 November, 2016
Pokemon Go: All the secrets have not been found!

You thought you had discovered all the easter-eggs Pokemon Go? The CEO of Niantic has confirmed that at least one secret of the game had not been ...

14 November, 2016
Nintendo NES Classic Mini: A restock what date?

Christmas is fast approaching and you are still likely to wait restocks the Nintendo NES Classic Mini.
If like many French you have waited too long ...

14 November, 2016
Pokemon Sun & Moon: The stickers landed on Twitter

While games Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive in a few days on 3DS, social networks start to the time Alola!
You know, in a few days, the seventh ...

14 November, 2016
New 3DS XL: Before Christmas, new colors flashy land

You want to splurge on a New 3DS for Christmas? Nintendo has thought of you!
Christmas is fast approaching, and of course, the leading brands ...

14 November, 2016
Here is the PlayStation 4 Pro disassembled by Sony

Curious to see the bowels of the PlayStation 4 Pro? The director of its mechanical design, Keiichi Aoki, has disassembled the screw by screw system. ...

12 November, 2016
Pokemon Go: The activation speed becomes limited Pokestops

Pokemon GO receives another rule somewhat limiting! Come discover the consequences here.

With a bonus week to celebrate the arrival of the daily ...

9 November, 2016
Pro PS4, Nintendo Mini Classics, PlayStation VR: Christmas shortages Reviews

Will there they bloom small words of apology at the foot of the pines on 25 December? Three new popular consoles of the year 2016 - the virtual ...

8 November, 2016
Xperia X: the Sony smartphone to 380? instead of 520?

A big reduction coupled with a refund offer 70? Cdiscount allows to offer the Sony Xperia X costs 380 ?.

Sony took advantage of MWC to present ...

8 November, 2016
Youtube now supports HDR

The platform of online videos Youtube now possible to watch content in HDR format.

Like Netflix, Youtube now supports HDR content.

This ...

8 November, 2016
Mass Effect Andromeda also shows a new trailer

As announced in the last few days , BioWare take this Nov. 7, chosen as the N7 Day, to unveil the new for a Mass Effect Andromeda far timid.

See ...

8 November, 2016
Pokemon Go: Eevee egg exchange

Conditions of Eevee outbreaks are evolving. Darwin would be proud of this sentence.
While the event Halloween Pokemon GO has just reported a nice ...

4 November, 2016
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered: The minimum PC requirements revealed!

Must have last cries components to run Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered on PC? Answer in this article about FPS at Raven Software.

The ...

4 November, 2016
Mafia 3: More than 4 million games sold in one week

Only a week after its release, Mafia 3 can boast significantly exceeded its sales expectations.

Exit the underworld 1930 Present on the Paris ...

4 November, 2016
Infinite Warfare Call of Duty: The Test

The new futuristic episode of Call of Duty, Infinity Warfare, finally arrived in stores. player campaign, Zombies and multi fashion ... Spotlight on ...

4 November, 2016